Princess Party: Aubrey’s 4th Birthday Storybook Celebration (Part 2)

Princess Party: Aubrey’s 4th Birthday Storybook Celebration (Part 2). Ready for some more Princess Party Fun? I’m sharing the second part of my daughter’s birthday party today (Princess Party Part 1).  Be sure to check out the Castle Tutorial, Crown Tutorial, and Storybook Tutorial that coordinate with this design.Princess Act 1

For Aubrey’s party, I really wanted to make sure there were lots of things going on to keep the little princesses and princes busy and happy.  Honestly, this aspect of the party was probably the most fun to plan.  Playing off the Princess Stories (like everything else in the party), I came up with activities that were specific to each princess.  I’m sharing those activities today…

Rapunzel’s Art Studio:

This one was definitely one of the more popular activities.  I found this awesome Sidewalk Chalk that has 48 colors.  Using the block wall around the outside of the backyard, the kiddos were able to create their own masterpieces just like Rapunzel in her tower.  They loved drawing on the wall and I caught a few parents joining in the fun too!
chalk IMG_8854 IMG_8955

Tiana’s Pin the Kiss on the Frog:

Just like Tiana, these little princesses did their best to kiss the frog (without becoming one themselves).  I printed the frog out as a 16×20 poster and used lips stickers to let the blindfolded kiddos try to get the kiss on the mouth. You can purchase the Kiss the Frog game pieces in my shop.  Clearly, my little Emmy didn’t quite understand the game…but she sure is cute kissing the frog anyway…
backyard5 frogkiss

Snow White’s Magic Mirror:

With this magic mirror…you never have to doubt if you are the fairest of them all…I cut out Snow White’s hair and bow from scrapbook paper and used a little rubber cement to attach the hair to a mirror.  Easy Peasy and oh, so fun…
Fairestdressup2 IMG_8813

Jasmine’s Jewelry Shop:

What princess party would be complete without a little jewelry? The girls had a blast tyring on different necklaces and jewels.  With a mixture of costume jewelry (Charming Charlie’s is a great place to find some inexpensively) and plastic necklaces and rings that they took home with them, there was plenty of  bling to go around…
dressup7 dressup6 dressup5

Cinderella’s Dress Shop:

In true fairy godmother fashion, each little prince and princess visited Cinderella’s Dress Shop and got outfitted like a royal.  I made easy capes from t-shirts for the boys and sewed felt crowns on the back. They also got to pick foam swords so they were ready for any dragon slaying that may come their way… The princesses got pretty tutus and wands.
dressup dressup1

Prince Phillip’s Dragon Slaying:

Speaking of Dragon Slaying…how about a fierce (ok not so fierce really) Dragon Pinata?  The kids each took a whack at the dragon as they sought to free their candy.  My baby girl busted it open…I was soo proud:) IMG_9080IMG_9060 IMG_8975 Girls

Aurora’s Crown Shop:

The little royals all decorated their own crowns.  (Don’t forget to checkout the Crown Tutorial.)  Using glue,markers and jewels, these crowns were made to complete their princess outfits.
IMG_8920 IMG_8938

Belle’s Castle:

And of course, last, but not least….the giant foam castle (Castle Tutorial) the the kid played in:)

It was a blast…but now I need a nap:)

Wanna throw a Princess Party?

The Printable Storybook Princess Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:storybook princess display file

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  1. Kim says

    I was wondering if you had a tutorial about how you made the capes for the boys. I’ve got my niece’s 4th birthday coming up and love all your ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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