Princess Party: DIY Giant Storybook Tutorial

Princess Party: DIY Giant Storybook Tutorial.  Here’s an easy tutorial for making a large storybook prop or backdrop piece for your princess party.  Be sure to also check out the Crown Activity,  Castle Tutorial and Poison Candied Apple tips.

My daughter was adamant that she wanted “HER princesses” to be the theme of her party. She is very opinionated about parties, especially her own.  I guess it comes with the territory when you have a party planning mom:)  In trying to create the perfect princess party palooza for her, I really wanted to focus on something unique.  There are tons of princess parties out there, each one special and unique.  We opted for the princess stories themselves to be the focal point of the princess party.  Each princess’ story is woven through the party decor, food, colors, etc.  It made sense to me to have an actual storybook be the center of the table.  So we (ok, my handy, crafty husband) made a giant storybook to display.Storybook Tutorial

Here’s how…



  • • Cut 2 sheets of the foam to fit side by side and cover the cork, the border will be the cover of
  • the open book
  • • Using the rubber cement, glue these two sheets to the cork
  • • Cut 10-14 foam sheets to fit over the original 2 sheets
  • • Using the rubber cement glue these sheets on top of the original 2 but overlap the new sheets (pictures show white glue…rubber cement will work better!) where the “spine” of the book would be. This builds up the middle section of the book and allows pages to be staggered at the edges


  • • Allow glue to dry
  • • Once rubber cement is dry, cut a “V” shape along the spine where the pages overlap

IMG_9644 2

  • • Take the remaining 2 or 3 pages (each side) and glue the edges at the bottom of the “V” cutout
  • • Glue the rest of these pages over the top of the stack of glued pages, making the pages curve as
  • you glue them down, you may need to trim some off of the opposite edge so these pages will
  • stagger with the pages underneath
  • • Allow glue to dry
  • • Once rubber cement is dry, begin painting the staggered edges white (unless all white sheets are
  • used) to make the pages uniform
  • • Paint the wood with a dark brown or other desired color, let paint dry
  • • Once the brown undercoat is dry, paint a lighter brown (or other desired color) over the
  • undercoat, using a dry brushing technique
  • • Once all paint is dry, trim and glue the printed pages on top of the foam sheets being sure to
  • glue the inner edge into the bottom of the “V”


  • • Allow to dry and display your work of art:)

Wanna throw a Princess Party?

The Printable Storybook Princess Party Collection is available in my shop:storybook princess display file

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Holly Lasha
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  1. Shirelle says

    Do you sell the PDF for the storybook? I was looking at your storybook party package but it doesn’t look like it includes the PDF for storybook.

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