Princess Party: Aubrey’s 4th Birthday Storybook Celebration (Part 1).  Bibbity Bobbity Boo!  How about a Storybook Princess Party?  I’m sharing the first part of my daughter’s birthday party today.  Be sure to check out the Castle Tutorial, Crown TutorialPrincess Party Activites and Storybook Tutorial that coordinate with this design.princess party 1

When it came time to plan my daughter’s birthday party, I had completely planned to go a different direction.  I was in full planning mode when Aubrey announced she wanted a Princess Party.  When I asked her which princess, she politely told me in her very matter of fact way: “All of them.”  All of them?  Her reasoning, of course, was that a TRUE princess wouldn’t leave anybody out.  Makes sense, right?

So being the crazy momma that I am, I switched gears and set out to create the perfect princess extravaganza.  I knew I wanted to showcase each princess, but I didn’t want it to just be about their dresses or their crowns.  I really wanted to highlight their individual stories.  I designed the party and the printables around a storybook with the different signs, foods, games, etc. being storybook pages from each princess story. To tie it all together, we made the large Storybook Centerpiece for the Dessert Table.Table 1

Today, I’m gonna share the fabulous food and some of the decorations.  All the food was inspired by the different princesses and their stories.


First up is Tiana’s Lilypads (Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes with Fondant Lilypad toppers from LesPopSweets).party13 party11 party1

Aurora’s Castles(Vanilla/Strawberry Lemonade Pushpops) and  Cinderella’s Glass Slippers (Vanilla and Chocolate Buttercream Cupcakes with Glass Slipper Fondant Toppers from Edible Details).party16 party2IMG_9002 IMG_8725

Jasmine’s Crowns (crown shaped rice krispy treats)party14party5Belle’s Enchanted Roses (Rose shaped chocolate lollipops from Candied Cakes) and Rapunzel’s Braids (Mini Churros)


Ariel’s Dinglehoppers (with Strawberry Vanilla Fudge from Jewel of the Lion)party4 Snow White’s Poisoned Apples (Candied Apples)party8IMG_8969 IMG_8907 party7

Sugar Cookies with each princess’ portrait from SweetArts Sweets)

party20 food5

We also had a True Love’s Kissing Booth full of several different hershey’s kisses.  (For the record, the caramel kisses are AH-MAZ-ING!!)
food8Chocolate Cake topped with Adorable Fondant Letters from  Edible Details.  These were absolutely fantastic.  (The day after the party, my 2 year old actually got a hold of the “B” and I found her covered with pink fondant….all over her face.  It was quite funny!)Surprise1cake IMG_8690 food12 food7 food6

To drink, we set up Snow White’s wishing well full of brightly colored sodas and water and of course some yummy princess lemonade.

food4 food1Other food included: Belle’s teapots (teapot/cup shaped fuit slices), Rapunzel’s paint buckets (ranch cups with veggies), Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother Wands (fruit kabobs), Aurora’s crowns (crown shaped cucumber sandwiches, Ariel’s fish (fish shaped tuna sandwiches) and Tiana’s frogs (frog shaped peanut butter and honey sandwiches).

front3 front6Ariel’s Treasure Trove was set up for gifts. I used Aubrey’s Disney Princess Dolls to help display the different stations around the party.  We also built an entry way castle facade to match the large play castle we set up in the back yard. It was great for setting the tone of the party.
front1 food13

That’s all for now…I will share more details about the different decorations and activity stations tomorrow:)

Wanna throw a Princess Party?

The Printable Storybook Princess Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:storybook princess display file

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