Valentine’s Day: Mustache Printables

Valentine’s Day: FREE Mustache Valentines.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I mustache you to be mine with some FREE mustache valentines.  Be sure to check out all our Valentine’s Day Ideas and Inspiration.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Ya’ll!!!  So I’m a bit of a romantic.  I love sappy love stories and happy endings.  This is probably why we watch oh so many princess movies (that and the fact that I have little girls doesn’t hurt).  So of course for Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite things to do is doll up the girls and get all lovey and cute with some fun photos.  Honestly…photographing my girls is one of my FAVORITE things to do and they LOVE hamming it up for the camera!!  Match made in Heaven…

I took the photo opportunity to coordinate with the Valentines we made for my oldest to take to school.  Aubrey and Emma MUSTACHE you to be be mine (er, theirs??)…

For school Valentines this year, Aubrey wanted “mustaches”!  She LOVES photo props.  That little lady is super creative and budding with ideas…  We made some yummy chocolate lollipops and paired them up with some fun mustache valentines.

The chocolate lollipops were crazy easy to make. I used a Chocolate Mustache Mold, Wilton Black Candy Melts, and 4-Inch Lollipop Sticks.  I melted the candy melts in the microwave, and spooned it into the mold.  I then placed the sticks in the tray and turned them 180 degrees so they were covered with chocolate and put the mold in the fridge for about 20 mins.  Easy peasy!!

The FREE valentines are available for download at the bottom of the post.

Check out the pictures of my little valentines… Their adorable shirts came from Sew Cute Creations and they were absolutely adorable.  The perfect touch to go with the super fun mustache valentines.

IMG_2750 IMG_2590 IMG_2562 IMG_2613 IMG_2773 IMG_2571 IMG_2749 IMG_2604 IMG_2599 IMG_2581 IMG_2614 IMG_2558 IMG_2615 IMG_2790Download the FREE Printable Mustache Valentines.Valentines-Mustache


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Holly Lasha
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