Thanksgiving Food to be Thankful for {PINTEREST}

I had a former student text me the other day asking for help filling out a college application. (You might be wondering what this has to do with Thanksgiving Treats, I promise I’ll get there!!)  He had a whole long list of strengths for himself, but couldn’t think of any weaknesses…It made me chuckle at the time because his “attitude” came to the forefront of my mind based solely on the question:)

But then I really started thinking…don’t we all do that sometimes…highlight our strengths instead of our weaknesses??  I started brainstorming my “strengths” and “weaknesses”…

Here are a few that I came up with…


1. I love to sit and watch TV, sometimes at the expense of what I SHOULD be doing.

2. I am AWFUL at actually doing any working out.

3. I cannot stick to a diet.

4. I eat A LOT of carbs…

5. and chocolate!


1. I am AWESOME at eating.

The end result of this is I am fatter than I want and should be, but I KNOW food!!!  My baked goods tend to fall into the category of “tastes good, looks like crap” but I am getting better at the presentation.

Thanksgiving is the gateway to all the holiday food (MY favorite time of year).  Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I will share some of my favorite holiday recipes with you, we can all put on 10 lbs. together.

At least that way we will have a New Years Resolution (Disclaimer: I already have at lest 10 lbs. on my New Year’s Resolution…it was the same 10 lbs+ that was on last years list…so maybe you should seek weight loss encouragement elsewhere…)

Here are some yummy Thanksgiving Food Ideas via Pinterest

If you need any Thanksgiving decorating inspiration, the Thankful Thanksgiving Decorations are available in my shop.

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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha

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