St. Patrick’s Day: Rainbow Party Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day: Rainbow Party Ideas.  Looking for the pot of gold or just want to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party that is not all green?  Today I’m sharing some awesome Rainbow Party Ideas just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Be sure to check out all of our St. Patrick’s Day ideas and inspiration.rainbow party pic

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, I’ve been thinking about St. Patrick’s Day decor.  Ok, in truth…I was thinking about it WAY before V-day was over!!  While traditional greens are sweet and fun…today I’m sharing awesome ideas for Rainbow themed St. Patrick’s Day parties!  Isn’t the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow what its all about anyway?  Why else do you want to catch those pesky little leprechauns?

Check out these fun Rainbow Party ideas…

1. Rainbow Cookie Parfaits from Tablespoon

These look AH-MAZ-ING.  So gorgeous, they almost look too good to at.  I love the look and texture to these parfaits.  Awesome!


2. Rainbow Snack Necklaces from eighteen25

My little ones would LOVE this.  It would definitely be a hit with all their little friends too!!  So cute, and so simple!!

st patty's day necklace

3. Rainbow Balloon Wreath from Hoosier Homemade

Here’s a fun and festive Rainbow party idea…how about a cute balloon wreath.  Simple and inexpensive.  Sounds like a winning combination to me!!


4. Rainbow Centerpieces from Papery and Cakery

So, basically I love everything about this idea…so clean and fresh and beautiful…what a great centerpieces for a St. Patrick’s day party.  Yep…love it!!!


5. Rainbow Crayon Holder from SugarBee Crafts

So not only does this appeal to my OCD, but it really makes me want to throw a rainbow party!  For sure!!  This is so beautifully organized and utterly genius!

how to organize crayons

I have also compiled a Pinterest board full of Rainbow Party crafts.  Check it out…

Click for more of our St. Patrick’s Day ideas and inspiration.

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Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
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