St. Patrick’s Day: Sweet Treats and Festive Cookies. Take a bite of good luck with these adorable St.Patrick’s Day treats and yummy goodies.  Be sure to checkout all our St. Patrick’s Day Ideas and Inspiration.

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Do your kids get antsy when the weather starts to warm up?  Mine sure do…we’ve been dealing with the springtime ants in the pants like crazy  the last few weeks.  The temperature is definitely warmer, but the wind is making all of our allergies go haywire. Snotty noses galore!!  Fortunately for me, staying inside and out of the blustery wind is a-ok with my little munchkins since Frozen was realized on amazon!!  To quote my 3 year old “Mommy, Frozen is my LIFE!” such dramatics!!

I’ve been taking advantage of the time they are devoting to singing “Let It Go” to come up with some St. Patrick’s Day Treat ideas, that and do some laundry!!  Here are some of my favorites…

1. DIY Leprechaun Cookies by Sugarbelle

Talk about adorable…these little leprechaun almost make me like leprechauns (almost).  The best part is that Sugarbelle has provided an easy to follow tutorial on how to make these cookies. Winning!


2. DIY Rainbow Cookies by Sugarbelle

Another awesome cookie tutorial from Sugarbelle…these cute rainbows are almost too awesome to eat!!

sugarbelle rain

3. Kissin’ the Blarney Stone Cupcakes by Hello, Cupcake

These traditional cupcakes would give just the right amount of awesome to your St. Patrick’s Day Party!  Love them!!


4. Mint Whoopie Pies by Grin and Bake It

Hello, my name is Holly and I love Whoopie Pies.  There, I admitted it….especially MINT whoopie pies.  Hand it over and nobody gets hurt.


5. Simple St. Patrick’s Day Cookies by Paisley Petal Events

These are pretty and so easy… sure to be a winning combination and you know with the sprinkles, your kids would LOVE THEM!!


Almost too much yummy for one post…almost:)  In addition to these awesome ideas, I have also compiled a Pinterest Board of fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day Party Treats. Enjoy your mouth watering!!

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