Sesame Street Party: James’ Cookie Monster First Birthday Bash

Sesame Street Party: James’ Cookie Monster First Birthday Bash.  This Sesame Street party is jam full of cute, cute cookie monster and Sesame Street Party ideas by Jenny for her son James’ first birthday.

I recently read in an article, or blog post, or possibly even someone’s facebook feed (I chalk it up to being a busy mom that I can honestly not remember where I read it, or who wrote it….but I read it somewhere!) that basically said…”no one is afraid of monsters anymore.”  So I thought about it, and I let it ruminate a little….and I think they (whoever they are) is totally right!  Between all the cute monster parties floating around in the blog-o-sphere, the Monsters U/Monsters Inc. gang, Disney’s new Henry Hugglemonster show ( which is ROAR-some, by the way) and the cute and cuddly sesame street gang….monsters are no longer scary!

So I say…here’s to cute little monsters, cute little monster parties, and well. just plain cute parties!

I love cute parties.  I guess that’s a given at this point:)  One of my favorite things to see in a party are creative ways of using some beloved characters in your decor to tie the whole party together.  Check out these tissue pom cookie monsters….so cute and so simple. All you have to do is add white and black circles to the pom and poof….you have cookie monster!

DSC_8883DSC_9393 e DSC_9372 e

I love these cute cupcakes with the cookie sticking out of the mouth!  Adorable.  And of course, the little sandwiches are cut into cookie monster shapes.
DSC_8916 DSC_8910

Here’s another great example of an easy peasy cookie monster idea….you can use the same white and black circles to make cookie monster treat bags.  So cute.DSC_8933

DSC_9254DSC_9388 e DSC_8929 DSC_8894

Jenny found this great idea on pinterest. She made a cookie monster cut out and drew chocolate chips onto bean bags to create a toss the Cookie in Cookie Monster’s mouth game.  Too cute!

DSC_8898 DSC_9375 eHappy Birthday James! Thank you for sharing your party with us!

Here are some helpful links for throwing a Cookie Monster/Sesame Street Party:

Wanna throw a Cookie Monster/Sesame Street Party?

The Printable Cookie Monster Decoration Package is available for purchase in my shop:cookie monster display file girly cookie monster display file

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