Valentine’s Day: 10 Valentine Parties You’ll Adore

Valentine's Day: 10 Valentine Parties You'll Adore-Mimi's Dollhouse

Valentine’s Day: 10 Valentine Parties You’ll Adore.  Love is in the air and on the blog today!  I’m sharing 10 Valentine’s Day Parties you are sure to fall in love with!!  Be sure to check out our other Valentine’s Day posts for more Valentine inspiration and ideas. Heart and roses and pink galore….Valentine’s Day is […]

Valentine’s Day: Clever Little Valentines

Valentine's Day: Clever Little Valentines-Mimi's Dollhouse

Valentine’s Day: Clever Little Valentines. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m sharing some fun and clever valentine’s ideas and free printables today.  Read more for Valentine’s Day ideas and inspiration. So valentine’s day…you love it or you hate it.  I never really get into the whole romantic element of valentine’s day myself…but I’m a […]

Valentine’s Day: BEE Mine Valentine

Bee Mine Favor Pic

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.  I know I did:)  I had the pleasure of helping/attending my daughter’s preschool class’ Valentine’s Day party.  My daughter thought having Mommy therefor her party was the best thing EVER.  I absolutely loved watching how into it all she was.  She put each Valentine into her friends’ […]

Valentine’s Day: FREE Valentine Tags


Ok…so some things are just too, too cute.  So cute you just can’t not share them.  My sweet and super creative friend Bridget (Bridgey Widgey) put together a sweet little Valentine for her adorable little two year boy to give his girlfriend.  Too sweet, right? Here are the pictures: Totally precious!!  Bridget paired some cute […]

Valentine’s Day: Conversation Heart Ideas

Valentine's Day: Conversation Heart Ideas-Mimi's Dollhouse

I have a little Valentine’s Day flashback for you all…. When my firstborn was new, I had a lot of fun taking pictures of her.  I took 1000s of pictures of her each month.  Because of this we quickly got bored with just the regular poses and started trying to do some funky ones.  Here […]

Valentine’s Day: Love Birds Party Ideas

Valentine's Day: Love Birds Party Ideas-Mimi's Dollhouse

Hey Ya’ll… My three year old daughter has a boyfriend!!!  Truth be told, its her fourth one this year…should I worry that she keeps switching boys?!  Every couple of weeks she comes home and announces that “_________ is her boy friend”.  I just keep telling myself that she actually just means “best friend” and not […]

Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day Food Ideas-Mimi's Dollhouse

It’s February!!! Do you feel the love in the air?? Ok…maybe not, but Valentine’s Day is approaching and I love all the pretty decorations. I guess its kind of ironic that despite how much I love all the pretty and pink and fancy and cute Valentines themed decor, food and clothing, I don’t typically really […]