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Emoji Valentines: Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Emoji Valentines: Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards. Want some Valentine’s Day Cards that are sure to please your kids and their friends this Valentine’s Day? Don’t be “meh” about these Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards!!  Be sure to check out all our Valentine’s Day Ideas and Inspiration.

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Valentine’s Day Party: 10 Must See Valentine’s Day Parties.

Valentine’s Day Party: 10 Must See Valentine’s Day Parties.  Are you looking for some Valentine’s Day Party inspiration?  Or maybe you just want to ooh and awe over some gorgeous Valentine’s Day party ideas. Well we have got you covered. If you like these, check out our other Valentine’s Day posts for more Valentine’s Day Party inspiration and ideas. Can you feel it?  It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  I know, I know…it feels like it was JUST CHRISTMAS, right?  I’m with you.  I feel like I just packed up my Christmas decorations and now instead of visions of sugar plums dancing...

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Valentine’s Day: Cute Valentine Crafts

Valentine’s Day: Cute Valentine Crafts.  Looking for some fun crafty Valentine ideas…I’m sharing some gorgeous and easy to DIY Valentine crafts today.  Be sure to check out all of our Valentine’s Day ideas and inspiration. Let’s talk music.  I’m VERY restrictive when it comes to the music we play in the house and what my girls can listen to.  For the most part, we listen to disney princess songs, showtunes and Christian music.  Why?  Well basically because most of what is one the radio I do not wanna hear coming out of my 4 year old’s mouth! The music...

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Valentine’s Day: FREE Printable Arrow Valentines

Valentine’s Day: FREE Printable Arrow Valentines.  I AIM to make you my VALENTINE with these FREE printable Arrow Valentines.  Be sure to check out all our Valentine’s Day Ideas and Inspiration. Can’t believe its already time for Valentine’s Day….Seriously doesn’t it feel like Christmas was just last week???  Ahhhh…this year is going CRAZY fast.  My girls are super stoked about Valentine’s Day this year.  Especially my Aubrey.  Even though she did Valentine’s the last two years with her preschool classes…this is the first year she gets to do “big girl valentine’s”  since she’s a “big girl kindergartener”!! Time sure flies…...

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Valentine’s Day Party: Cupid’s Arrow Party

Valentine’s Day Party: Cupid’s Arrow Party.  Take aim…today I’m sharing a GORGEOUS Valentine’s Day Party styled by Virginie from That Cute Little Cake.  Be sure to check out all of our Valentine’s Day Party ideas and inspiration. Are you looking to get struck with Cupid’s arrow this year?  I’m all about the arrows this Valentine’s Day…{SPOILER ALERT} my daughter’s valentines (which will totally be a free download coming soon!) are based on Arrows this year. She decorated the little the heart chocolates with washi taped cocktail picks and glittery hearts and arrow ends.  So cute!! Styling and Photography: That Cute...

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Valentine’s Day: Our Love Story

Valentine’s Day: Our Love Story.  Today I’m sharing a little bit of love and some personal stuff:)  If you like hearing all about us, check out my other posts about my family. So its gonna get a little personal up in here today!  I’m gonna tell you guys a little story:) Recently, I was contacted by Personal Creations to participate in their “Love is Everyday” Valentine’s Day campaign. It got me thinking about my man!  My husband and I have been married for 9 years this month.  It’s been a crazy roller coaster of highs and lows and good times and...

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