Airplane Party: Vintage Travel Party

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Airplane Party: Vintage Travel Party.  Soar off into the horizon with this cute Vintage Airplane Party styled by Bridget from Bridgey Widgey.  This Airplane Party mixes rustic charm and creative ideas into one fantastic trip. Pardon the pun:) I love to fly.  Big commercial planes, small 2 person jets…I love the sensation of being up […]

Train Party: Choo-Chootastic Train Party Ideas

Train Party:Choo-Chootastic Train Party Ideas-Mimi's Dollhouse

My children are FASCINATED by trains.  They basically think they are the coolest things ever.  Anywhere there is a train we have to stop and watch it, and count the cars, and if possible ride it too.  Any day with a train is a good day:)  Trains also make AMAZING party themes.  There are soooo […]

Transportation Party: Planes, Trains and Dean’s 3rd Birthday


I LOVE little boys’ parties!!!  It’s probably because I don’t have one and the parties I throw are all super girly!!!  I love simple ideas like planes and trains and cars and boats for little boys, which is probably why I love this party design so much…it uses all four of those transportation elements…Here is […]