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Football Party Ideas: Pigskin Party Time

Are you excited for football season? We are in our house.  Although football season typically means we argue over teams.  My husband is from Washington State originally, so he himself is a U of W fan.  Occasionally he watched the Seahawks, but is really not a fan… Typically he cares more about what Peyton Manning is doing than any particular team.  I, on the other hand, am a Oklahoma Sooners fan all the way!!  College football to me has always been much more fascinating than Pro, but I still love me some Steelers too.  Ask my 3 year old…she’ll...

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Sports Party: Braylon’s All-Star Arena

Sports Party: Braylon’s All Star Arena.  Looking for a great party idea for your little boy?  Let’s throw a sports themed party!  This fun party highlights different sports with fun activities and decorations.  Be sure to check out all of our sports party ideas. This awesome client styled baseball party I have to share has me thinking about the fall. I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end…since it’s my favorite season, I always hate to see summer leave and the weather start to change.  There is a silver lining though…with the departure of summer comes fall...

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{PINTEREST} Yummy Football Treats

Need some food inspiration?  I tracked down some adorable and oh so appetizing football inspired foods.  Check out my Yummy Football Pinterest Board!!!  These look so good, I want to try them all!!!  Most of these ideas are heavy on the football SHAPE.  Another way to expand your theme without having to bake a million football shaped brownies (especially if baking is not your forte) is to make football-ish foods. Think about foods you eat at the stadium or typically while tailgating or watching the game at home.  Finger foods are best, pizza, hot dogs, brats, popcorn, nachos.  Also “manly” foods are good.  We don’t want to girl up football too much, right? You can also use regional foods or foods your team is particularly known for.  For example, My Steelers are owned by the Heinz family and play at Heinz field…and what is a better representation of Heinz than individual ketchup bottles?  (Not to mention that my husband is obsessed with putting ketchup on everything no matter how yummy it tastes by itself.)  So including the ketchup bottles makes since for a Steelers party.  Think CHEESE for Green Bay or some of that AWESOME Chicago Deep dish for you Bears fans.  Eagles, I’m thinking Cheese-steak. Patriots…clam chowder.  You get the idea.  Be creative and serve what works best for you.  Remember as long as it tastes good, you’ll...

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{TUTORIAL} Paper Football

So throwing a football party implies certain activities (like watching the BIG GAME on TV or playing a little Two Hand Touch), but what do you do when there isn’t a big game on, somebody’s mom won’t let them get dirty or its monsoon season? PAPER FOOTBALL…the next best thing to real football if you’re on bed rest!!! All joking aside, a paper football tournament can be a great deal of fun for football fans when playing an outside game isn’t really an option.  Paper football basically consists of a table and strip of paper. I have even provided a FREE FOOTBALL PRINTABLE for you:) Two players sit on opposite sides of the table.  The player with the ball slides the ball toward the defensive player (that’s the player without the ball in case my mom is reading).  The object is to get the ball to hang over the opposite edge of the table without falling off.  If it falls off or doesn’t reach over the edge, the ball changes hands and the other player gets a turn.  If the ball does hang over without falling off, its a TOUCHDOWN and you get 6 points.  The defensive player then holds their hands with index fingers up and thumbs touching (making a half square) about chest height and the player with the ball gets to “kick”.  To kick you place...

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It’s football season!!! What better way to celebrate your team’s victories (or defeats) than a PARTY?!? Whether you are going tailgating, hosting a big game or throwing a birthday party for your little (or big) football fan, NFL GAME DAY has got you covered.  This party plan is even available in all 32 teams.  We have a bit of a turf war in my house with three Steelers fans and one Colts fans.  (That’s right I claim fan status for my baby!!  My girls will definitely be representing their Steelers this season since we now live in the heart of Bengals country…I’m looking forward to beating some Cincinnati behind this year!!! Here are some pictures of the new party line… For the dessert table, I set up a mini field complete with goal post  and player cupcakes.  The field serves both as décor and as a cupcake platter for a unique touch.  The cupcakes are scattered around the field with a mixture of player toppers and team toppers.    This is my favorite aspect of this party.  When I started conceiving this party, I decided early on that I wanted a field and everything grew out from there. I also incorporated the cake topper helmet from the printable line into buckets with some candy footballs. The two helmets framing the field would be PERFECT for a game with guest rooting...

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