Minnie Mouse Party: Little Emma’s Modern Minnie Birthday

Minnie Mouse Party: Little Emma's Modern Minnie Birthday-Mimi's Dollhouse

Hey Everybody…Hope you all had a great weekend.  We’ve been battling sick in my house the last couple weeks and today is the first day everything is back to normal. It’s crazy how much longer EVERYTHING takes when you (or your kids, or heaven forbid your husband) are sick.  Sickness does have its upside, though. Lots of television!!  Whenever I am sick, I seem to get caught up on all my shows.  My two year old daughter seems to agree with {Read More}

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party: Happy Mouskabirthday Madyson


Good morning,  I hope everybody had a fun and restful Labor Day weekend.  We stayed in this weekend and got some small projects done around the house.  I will be sharing some of them over the next few weeks… Today, I have a sweet Mickey and Minnie Mouse client styled party to share.  This party was styled by Madyson’s mom, Amanda.Here’s what Amanda had to say about the party: “We celebrated Madyson’s 2nd birthday at our house. We had a {Read More}

Minnie Mouse Party: Atty’s Bow-tique


My daughters are OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse…they think she is absolutely fantastic.  When Disney Jr. recently introduced the shorts for Minnie’s Bow-tique, you would have thought my girls had died and gone to Heaven.  The show is pretty cute and basically centers around how Minnie Mouse can fix anything with a bow.  My Emma walks around the house touching her hair saying “bow, pretty, bow, pretty”.  I think it’s basically adorable… The client styled party I have to share today {Read More}

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Mouse Labels {FREEBIE}

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

When my oldest daughter turned 2, I threw her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party.  I can’t believe that she is now almost 3!!!  Boy, time flies.  She is getting so old and changing soooo much!!!  She is still completely in love with all things Mickey Mouse, although lately her favorite character has changed to Donald Duck… As I begin working on her 3rd birthday party (which by the weay I am super excited about the theme this year!!!), I was {Read More}

{NEW IN SHOP} Minnie Mouse Printable Party

pink zebra full pic

In my house, Minnie Mouse has been elevated to princess status.  According to my daughter, Minnie is also a Disney Princess.  Seeing as she is the authority on Princesses now…I don’t argue.  Since Minnie is a princess, I guess she deserves her own party:) So when a good friend of mine contacted me recently with a special request for Minnie Mouse printable party decorations, how could I resist?  Of course, Minnie is a Diva.  Of course, she should have her {Read More}

Punch Recipe: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


When I was making the menu for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party, I wanted to keep my menu items as themed as possible.  While I did use Mickey heads for quite a few items, I wanted the food to reflect the show.  For those of you that also have half your DVR full of MMC episodes, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy seems a natural beverage choice:)  For those of you who have no idea what I’m taking about…how ’bout some funky {Read More}


mickey favors-pinterest

Here is my Pinterest board of Mickey Mouse themed party favors…