Game Night Party: Welcome to Chapel’s Game Night!

Game Night Pic

Game Night Party: Welcome to Chapel’s Game Night!  Looking for a fun party for all ages? Check out this adorable Game Night Party.  Be sure to check out all of our Game Night Party Ideas and Inspiration. Today I’m sharing a cute Game Night Party! This party was styled by Jen for her daughter’s 6th birthday. There are a ton of awesome board game ideas packed into this cute little party. Check it out… Here’s what Jen had to say… {Read More}

Flash Sale: Family Game Night Package $8 Today Only

Flash Sale: Game Night Package $8 Today Only-Mimi's Dollhouse

Flash Sale!!!!  Today only I am offering the Family Version of my Game Night Printables for only $8!!!! Purchase the Family Game Night Package Use Promo Code: tipjunkie (code valid until Thursday, April 11th at 9:00 CST) I am super excited about this flash sale.  We are participating in the AMAZING Printable Shop-a-thon on one of my favorite websites.  If you haven’t checked out TipJunkie yet, you definitely, defnitely should.  It’s an amazing resource full of great party and crafty ideas and {Read More}

Game Night Party: Move ahead 12 spaces for some fun…


So my babies have caught a little “bug”.  Really, I don’t think either of them are sick…they are just super good at PRETENDING to be sick…at our house, sick means you get to curl up on the couch in your jammies and watch movies.  It also means extra snuggle time with mommy.  So when they start saying their tummies hurt (or most specifically the 3 year old says that her tummy hurts and the 1 year old reaches for me {Read More}