Easter Party: Here comes Peter Rabbit!

Peter Rabbit Pic

Easter Party: Here comes Peter Rabbit!  I’m sharing a super sweet Easter party today themed around an Easter Childhood Favorite…Peter Rabbit.  Be sure to check out all of our Easter Party Ideas. So there are few things that really scream Easter as well as Peter Rabbit.  Aside from the fact that he is just the cutest little guy ever…doesn’t he just make you think “Easter”?  I’ve always been a theme of the old classic children’s books and honestly they are {Read More}

Easter: Carrot Party

Carrot Party Pic

Easter: Carrot Party.  Today I’m sharing a fun Easter Carrot Party. This is a great way to say Happy Easter.  Be sure to checkout all of our Easter Party Inspiration and Ideas. Holiday parties are oh so fun…but sometimes its easy to get into the traditional rut.  When I started brainstorming ideas for our Easter party…I definitely wanted to steer clear of the typical bunny motif.  I wanted something a little different (and definitely not pastel!!)  I started thinking about {Read More}

Easter Party: 10 Hippity Hoppity Easter Parties

Easter Party: 10 Hippity Hoppity Easter Parties-Mimi's Dollhouse

Easter Party: 10 Hippity Hoppity Easter Parties.  Here comes Peter Cottontail with some cute Easter Parties to share.  Be sure to check out all our Easter Party Ideas and Inspiration. Easter is right around the corner…I can hear that little Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail already!!  The other day I was asked about Easter baskets and Easter traditions…it got me thinking.  There are so many different ways to celebrate Easter.  Being a home that believes Easter is the {Read More}

Easter: Our Easter Recap…

Easter:Our Easter Recap-Mimi's Dollhouse

Farewell Spring Break…Farewell Easter.  Hello Spring:) I love Easter and Springtime.  This Easter, unlike our typical Easter’s…I had a sick baby.  My little Em was having herself a rough go of it.  Going on 3 days of almost constant crying and sneezing and coughing and wheezing …not fun for the baby.  Or the Mommy!  We even had to miss church:(  I am not a fan of missing church, but I refuse to be THAT mom…you know the one I’m talking about.  The {Read More}

Easter: Easter Bakes and Takes

Easter: Easter Bakes and Takes-Mimi's Dollhouse

Woo…we have had a whirlwind of a week. Fun in Disney, a trip to the zoo…I’m tired and I need a vacation from my vacation!!!  My girls had a blast.  Here’s a little pic of them at the zoo: They LOVE animals.  It’s super fun to watch them freaking out and getting excited.  My 2 year old loves….LOOOOVES…monkeys.  All of them.  Every monkey we passed, she wanted to touch.  The Phoenix Zoo has a monkey exhibit that allows you to {Read More}

Easter: Egg-tastic Easter Egg Crafts

egg pin pic

Easter: Egg-tastic Easter Egg Crafts. Today I’m sharing some cute Easter Egg Crafts and Ideas.  Be sure to also check out all our Easter Ideas and Crafts. Ok…does anybody else feel like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are like crazy close together this year?  Wow.  I can hardly catch my breath. It’s like they are just one ginormous holiday instead of two totally unrelated holidays.  I think there should be a law that iconic holidays have to have at least 3 weeks {Read More}

Easter: Bunny Crafts

bunny crafts pic

Easter: Bunny Crafts. I’m sharing some funny bunny cute little Bunny crafts today.  Be sure to check out all of Easter Ideas and Inspiration. I completely meant to get this posted earlier this week, but we’ve been up to our noses in moving this week.  We are relatively settled now and frantically trying to play catch-up with all the Easter fun!!!  My daughter has been begging to die eggs for days and gets soooo excited whenever she sees a bunny {Read More}