DIY Decor: Paper Starbursts Tutorial

Paper starbursts pic

DIY Decor: Paper Starbursts Tutorial.  Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for making awesome paper starbursts. Be sure to check out all of our party and craft tutorials. Sometimes an idea is so simple its amazing… So, I’m not much of a peanut butter eater.  Never really been my thing.  My girls on the other hand. […]

DIY Decor: Welcome Sign Wreaths

DIY Decor: Welcome Sign Wreaths-Mimi's Dollhouse

DIY Decor: Welcome Sign Wreaths. Want a fun and unique way to welcome your party guests?  How about a Welcome Sign Wreath.  I’m sharing some easy ideas for DIY wreaths today.  Be sure to checkout our other party tutorials for more inspiration! When it comes to setting up a party, it’s the little details that […]

Crafts and Ideas for a Kid Friendly Road Trip

Road Trip

Crafts and Ideas for  a Kid Friendly Road Trip.  Planning on taking a vacation this summer and what some tips for a Kid Friendly Road Trip? We are smack dab in the middle of a 4000 mile road trip.  Sanity…trying to remember what that feels like:)  All in all, my girls have been pretty stinking […]

Paper Straw Candle Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

Paper Straw Candle Cupcake Toppers Tutorial-Mimi's Dollhouse

Today my little princess turns four!!! I can hardly believe my little peanut is that big.  It seems like only yesterday I was holding my sweet little 6 lb. precious baby and now she’s four…time really does go faster when you are a parent.  Like warp speed fast!  This was her first year in preschool […]

{PINTEREST} Paint Chip Crafts

Paint chip pic

I have seen some absolutely GENIUS craft ideas floating around the web.  One of my favorites involves taking Paint Chips (the little sample paint color cards you can get at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart…anywhere that sells paint) and using them in lieu of your traditional cardstock or craft paper…such an amazing idea!!!  I have tinkered […]