Christmas: Happy Birthday Jesus Freebie


Lately, we have been teaching my daughter about the calendar and dates for special events.  With her little sister’s birthday party a few weeks ago, like any 3 year old, she immediately started talking about her own birthday party (which is in June).  We went through the whole list of holidays and family members who […]

Holiday Cookies: Peanut Blossom Recipe

Peanut Blossoms

Growing up, there were few foods my brother and I could agree on.  Most of the time if he loved it, I hated it and if I loved it, he hated it.  Imagine the joy for my mother cooking meals with two kids who could never agree on any food… I am so grateful that […]

Christmas: Candy Cane Party Ideas

Candy Cane Pin Pic

Have you ever walked down the candy cane aisle at the grocery store?  I did this today.  In the midst of my normal, chaotic food shopping trip, my daughter and I took a little stroll down the candy cane aisle…and I had some thoughts… Thought #1:  When did candy canes become an item that gets […]

Christmas: FREE Christmas Party Printables

peppermint challkboard display file

Ok…so I am totally OBSESSED with Chalkboards!!! In August I created this Back to School Chalkboard for my daughter’s first day of Preschool and fell in love with using chalkboards in decor!!!  When I started playing around with Christmas designs, I found myself continually gravitating back to chalkboards.  I kept trying to include Chalkboards in […]

Christmas: Reindeer Party

Reindeer Pin

Whew…I feel like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving and all of a sudden a WHOLE WEEK of December is past.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but my Christmas season is uber busy!!  Between Christmas parties and Dance Recitals and my Emma turning two…I’m ready for a vacation!!!  Despite the hustle and bustle, this is hands […]

Christmas: New Christmas Cards


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…if looking like Christmas means the temperature is still warm enough to wear shorts!!!  I seriously have got to move somewhere with some snow!!!  Anyway, at least it looks like Christmas in my heart and soon in my living room. It definitely SOUNDS a lot like Christmas around […]

Snowman Food: Snowmen that melt in your mouth

snowman food

We got a little snow yesterday.  It snowed for about an hour, never stuck, and was gone as quickly as it came.  It was enough to thrill my daughter to no end, however.  She stood on the back porch, all bundled up so you could only see her little eyes and nose, laughing and laughing.  […]