Bubble Party: Journee’s Bubbly at 3

Bubble Party: Journee's Bubbly at 3-Mimi's Dollhouse

Today I have a sweet Bubble Party to share.  This fun and bright bubble party was styled by Esha for her sweet little three year old princess, Journee.  I love all the details and how Esha incorporated the bright bubbly colors into everything for her bubbly little girl (Did I overuse the word bubbly there??) […]

{REAL PARTY} Brooke’s Bubblicious 2nd Birthday


Some party themes you just know are gonna be a hit.  When you hear the theme, you’re like “yeah, that’s awesome!”   This is one of those themes…Bubbles.  I mean, seriously, what kid doesn’t like bubbles?  They are basically awesome little floating instruments of  joy…until they land on your leg and then it’s sticky all […]