Bubble Party: Journee’s Bubbly at 3

Bubble Party: Journee's Bubbly at 3-Mimi's Dollhouse

Today I have a sweet Bubble Party to share.  This fun and bright bubble party was styled by Esha for her sweet little three year old princess, Journee.  I love all the details and how Esha incorporated the bright bubbly colors into everything for her bubbly little girl (Did I overuse the word bubbly there??) Check it out: I love the bubble toppers on the cupcakes and the cake…so sweet!! Here’s a closr look at the bubbles… You can acheive {Read More}

{REAL PARTY} Brooke’s Bubblicious 2nd Birthday


Some party themes you just know are gonna be a hit.  When you hear the theme, you’re like “yeah, that’s awesome!”   This is one of those themes…Bubbles.  I mean, seriously, what kid doesn’t like bubbles?  They are basically awesome little floating instruments of  joy…until they land on your leg and then it’s sticky all day. But kids don’t care about sticky…they care about chasing bubbles. It’s a beautiful thing!! So I recently consulted with Meghan, a super sweet mom {Read More}