Monkey Party: Easy DIY Ruffled Table Skirt Tutorial

Monkey Party: Easy DIY Ruffled Table Skirt Tutorial.  Today I’m sharing an easy Ruffled Table Skirt Tutorial made with an inexpensive shower curtain.  Be sure to check out my other tutorials and craft ideas as well as the Monkey Party this Table skirt was featured in!Ruffled Tableskirt pic

This super easy ruffled table skirt tutorial will show you how I made a beautiful ruffled table skirt for under $20!!  I know, right?  This is the perfect addition to a party table and easy on the budget!!  Check it out…


Here how to make it:

Firstly, I cut the shower curtain in half (horizontally).  Then I trimmed the excess so that each section had three nice ruffles.  I then sewed the shower curtain sections together to make one long ruffled piece.  This piece was the perfect size to wrap around the front and sides of my table.

IMG_1687Next I used a piece of sturdy fleece as the top of the table cloth. I laid it out on the table and safety pinned the the ruffled piece around the edge of the table like the picture below:
IMG_1714 Once the ruffles were tightly pinned onto the fleece, I removed both from the table and sewed along the ruffle edge to make the table cloth one piece.IMG_1711This made the perfect ruffled shower curtain for our girly monkey party. The best part though…I made the whole thing for under $20.  Considering handmade ruffled table clothes sell for hundreds of dollars, I was pretty proud of this one!!Table12Wanna throw a Monkey Party?

The Printable Monkey Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:monkey display file


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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. Camille says

    Hi! Thanks for this tutorial! I’ve been dreaming about a ruffled tablecloth for my daughter’s party! I had a couple questions though. When reading reviews, it seems the curtain is pretty sheer. It looks like maybe you put another cloth underneath on your table? Also, the reviews talk about uneven rows, poor sewing, loose threads, bad wrinkling, cheap looking…did you find any of this to be a problem?

    • Holly Lasha says

      This particular shower curtain is a little on the sheer side. I placed a plain white table cloth under the ruffled table cloth before I put it on the table and that made it less see-through. There are many other similar tablecloths that this same process can be done on as well that are less sheer. I didn’t have any problems with the manufacturing of the shower curtain. Thanks.


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