Trends: Popular Party Themes for Boys (Part 2)

Trends: Popular Party Themes for Boys (Part 1).  Today I’m sharing some popular party themes for Boys.  Be sure to check out all out Boy’s Party Ideas and Inspiration.Popular themes for Boys 2

Did you like the first half of the list?  Today I’m highlighting some more of our most popular party themes for boys.  These parties are monsterific!!

Pirate Party

Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.  Wanna throw a swashbuckling good time?  This is the theme for you.  It’s totally one of my favorites and there are sooooo many things you can do to make your pirate party unique.


Whether you go with cute little pirate characters or authentic skull and crossbones (or be crazy like me and mix them up)…you are sure to have a hit on your hands!!

Here is a great pirate party for inspiration:

Construction Party

Is your little man into tools and trucks?  How about a Construction party?  There are so many awesome options available, from road signs to cones to awesomely huge trucks.  And of course…don’t forget the DIRT!!

Construction Party: Caution, this party is Under Construction-Mimi's Dollhouse

Monster Party

I love, love, love the idea of having a little monster party.  Sometimes, there is just no better way to describe your little guy and they are oh so cute.  This theme is great for toddlers, but equally awesome for older boys too…Winning!

Monster Party: It's a Monster Birthday Bash-Mimi's Dollhouse Monster Party: It's a Monster Birthday Bash-Mimi's Dollhouse

Check out this amazing monster party for inspiration:

Dinosaur Party

Wanna throw a Dino dig?  With a Dinosaur party, you can go cutesy, or realistic or even focus on fossils.  The possibilities are endless and who doesn’t like a good set of Dino bones??

Superhero Party

Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk, Oh My!  There are sooo many amazing superheroes out there to capture the imagination of your little dude.  Generic superhero is always a fantastic idea too!!

Sesame Street Party

Have a little one who is obsessed with Elmo or cookie monster?  How bout throwing a sesame street party?

You can pick your child’s favorite character or use them all….so many options for Sunny Days to sweep the clouds away!

Check out these Sesame Street Parties for inspiration:

Check out our shop for more party themes for boys. Check out Part 1 of this list of Popular Party Themes for Boys.  Also be sure to check out our Party Themes for Girls.

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