When I was in school (which is feeling more and more like a LONG time ago), you were either cool, or you were a nerd.

Me?  I was kinda nerdy…into choir and AP classes and church stuff.  You definitely weren’t going to see me at any raging cool high school parties.

We did super hip thinks like fork each other’s yards, watch Clueless 5 times in a row and act out Britney Spears music videos in the hallway at school.

Really….I was that uncool!

Now that I’m old(er), it seems like being “nerdy” IS suddenly hip.  What? For serious?

Ironically I’m still not cool, but at least there is hope for my daughters:) Honestly, though…I never really minded being nerdy. It’s a lot less pressure that being cool.  You can just do whatever you want and not really have to worry about what other people think.

In the spirit of celebrating all things NERD…I have an AWESOME client styled Nerd Hello Kitty party to share today!!  This party was styled by Irene for her niece’s  10 th birthday. Here’s what Irene had to say:

“For my niece’s 10th Birthday we had a party all about her! She loves Hello kitty, and so do we!!! (Me & my sister) Everybody loved the giant hello kitty bows, faux reading glasses, shirt bows and suspenders. All the kids had so much fun being nerds, nobody wanted to leave!!!! This is my nieces 2nd Hello kitty party!  I’m thinking about a rainbow Hello kitty party for her 11th B-day!”

Check it out…nerd6 nerd2 nerd4 nerd7nerd11

Super cute, right!!nerd1

Fun bow ties and nerdy glasses…nerd2 nerd5

What little studs…I totally dig the suspenders, gentlemen:)nerd4 nerd3


Fabulous job, Irene…I love all the details and the absolutely adorable Nerdy bows and glasses!!!  Happy Birthday Allie:)nerd3

The Nerd Hello Kitty Party is available for purchase in my shop:nerd hello display file


Vendor Credits:

Printables: Mimi’s Dollhouse

Cookies: Amigalletas

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