Mustache Party: If you Mustache, Jake is Three!

Mustache Party: If you Mustache, Jake is Three!  I have a super cute Mustache Party to share with you all today.  Looking for Mustache inspiration?  Check out these other posts I have on Mustache Party Ideas.  Super fun for everyone!!!Mustache Bash

I love the idea of having a mustache bash for your little man.  Seriously, the pictures I get from clients with huge mustaches on their sweet little guys’ faces always make me smile…and sometimes giggle.  Even the occasional snort.  Have I ever told ya’ll I’m a snorter?  It’s true….embarrassing, right?  When something is super funny, I can’t help a little snort (okay, okay maybe “little” isn’t the appropriate word.  Maybe, just maybe, I let out a big ole pig snort that is sure to impress Miss Piggy.  You’ll still be my friends, right???)

Anyway, mustaches on little boys are just too, too much.  I love that mustaches are so in right now.  There are so many super cute mustache ideas our there for parties and it really is a super fun and very easy theme.

This party that I have to share today was styled by Stephanie for her little man Jake. And of course, if you “mustache”, Jake turned three!  Check out the details…

IMG_1701Don’t you just love the mustache cake? So cute!!  And how about some punch to wet your whiskers? Love it…
IMG_1613 IMG_1612
And of course, Chocolate Milk for some epic Chocolate Milk Mustaches.  Super, super cute!IMG_1607 IMG_1606 IMG_1605

Chocolate Lollipops (or Chocolate Handle Bars) and some other yummy chocolate-y treats.IMG_1604 IMG_1603 Here is Little Mister Jake posing for a sweet picture with the Mini Banner…I love precious photos like these.  They are definitely some of my favorite party photos to receive.  Too sweet!IMG_1545Happy Birthday Jake!  Thanks for sharing your big day!!

Here are some helpful links for throwing a Mustache Party:

Throwing a Mustache Party for your little man?

The Little Man Mustache Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:little man display file

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