Movie Night Party: Photo Booth Tutorial

Movie Night Party: Photo Booth Tutorial.  Today I’m sharing the details of the fun movie night photo booth from our Movie Night Baby Shower!  Be sure to check out all of our Movie Night Party ideas and inspiration.Photo Booth Pic

So since this baby shower was Movie Night themed, I thought it was only fitting to have a “Paparazzi” themed photo booth stocked with disguises and famous movie quotes to get all those ridiculously fun party photos taken.

10960397_1054718121211022_3826304524497779089_o IMG_4316

Photo boothes are super fun ways to express a little personality and get pictures of your guests without having to walk around with your camera glued to your face all throughout the party. Plus, they are pretty fun!!

Photo booths are pretty simple.  The basics for a photo booth are some sort of fun background, and of course some fun props to take pictures with.  For this photo booth backdrop, I hung a piece of pvc pipe from the ceiling with fishing line and scotch taped long pieces of streamers to the pipe for a wavy, colorful design.  I alternated plain streamers with streamers I had sewn (like I did here in my Mermaid Party).  Sewing streamers is really easy. Using a sewing machine, simply sew in a straight line down the middle of the streamer.  You can push the streamer in chunks for a more gathered look, or just straight sew for a ruffled appearance.  It’s great to to let your kids help, since its almost impossible to mess up!!  My 4 year old got a huge kick out of working the pedal of my sewing machine.IMG_7413 IMG_7412

10869591_1054718134544354_9112704627022261840_o IMG_4328 10997527_1055265107822990_167487133435932489_oTo help make sure we got to see all those fun pics, I also made a sign encouraging people to use the party approved hashtag on their photos.  Awesome sauce!!


You can purchase the movie quote printable photo booth props in my shop!

Here are some helpful links for photo booth props:

Wanna throw a Movie Night Party?

You can purchase the Printable Movie Night Party Collection in my shop:Movie Night display file

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