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So…I’m a nicknamer.  I nick name everything and everybody.  Especially my kids.  My husband shakes his head from time to time and wonders aloud why we spent sooooooo much time choosing the perfect names for our little princesses just so I could never use them.  I can’t explain it. I”m just a nicknamer.

But I’m not just a normal nicknamer.  I nick name my nicknames.  Weird right?  My eldest daughter has gone through several stages of nicknames. She has been peanut, peanut face, peanutty, pumpkin, punkin, punkin face, punki, punk, Aubs, a-u-b, aubby, aubscotch, aubby laine, princess and princess face.  To name a few.

My baby girl has been, Em, Emmy Cal, Em Cal, E Cal, Emma-callie-lasha-face (my older daughter also calls her that one), Monkey, monkey face, George and many more….

I might have a problem.  Especially since some of my nicknames are much longer than their actual names. I have even lengthened my husband’s name.  He is Nathan to every one else…to me Nathaniel Livingston Seagull.

I might need mental help:)  I also apparently use the word “face” in a lot of my nicknaming…

Lately, my littlest one has been given a new moniker… Monster.  I have been trying to talk the stubborn little miss into a Monster Themed 3rd birthday for weeks.  Time will tell.

In honor of copious amounts of time spent looking at monster ideas on pinterest and my obsession with a monster party and also how super popular monster parties are right now, I have compiled a Monster Party Ideas board of some of my favorites…Check it out:Publication533

I also have  designed some super fun and bright colored Monster Party printables….They are available in both boy and girl color combos.  I also have some super awesome monster mouth photo props for sale in my shop.

Printable Monster Party Package-boymonster display file

Printable Monster Party Package-girlmonster display file pink

Printable Monster Mouth Photo Props-boymonster mouth display file

Printable Monster Mouth Photo Props-girlmonster mouth pink display file

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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

Hey Ya'll, I'm Holly. Thanks for stopping by my page. We are all family here, so grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and stay for awhile. I'm a crazy crafting momma with two beautiful little girls that I can't stop photographing. I love parties, french fries and Sci-fi (not necessarily in that order). If you like what you read, leave a comment and let me know or shoot me an email if you have any questions at
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. says

    Hi! I was just looking at this monster party pack for my child and i saw your add on etsy about getting it for free if i will have a professional photographer take pictures of the props set up at the party, Are you still looking for this? if so I will have a photographer at my sons 3rd party :) Thank you!

  2. Betty Bement says

    Hi! I was asked by my granddaughter to make the stuffed blue monster for her daughter’s 3rd birthday. I am challenged when it comes to making my own pattern. Is there a printable pattern for the monster face? I would really appreciate a copy if at all possible. Thank you!


  1. […] Monster Mouth Photo Props: SoIm a nicknamer. I nick name everything and everybody. Especially my kids. My husband shakes his head from time to time and wonders aloud why we spent sooooooo much time choosing the perfect names for our little princesses just so I could never use them. I cant explain it. I’m just a nicknamer. But ‘Im (via Mimi’s Dollhouse) […]

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