Monkey Party: Hot dog Bar

Monkey Party: Hot dog Bar.  Does your little Monkey love hot dogs? Today I’m sharing the hot dog bar I set up for my daughter’s Monkey Party.  Be sure to check out our other Monkey Party ideas.monkey hot dog bar pic

Coming up with party food…you either love it or you hate it:)  Some parties, the food is so easy.  It just fits together so neatly.  And then there are those parties that it just seems like finding ideas is soooo hard! Of course, being totally type A means that I basically obsess over these little details, even when they are easy!

For my baby girl’s monkey party, there were of course tons of monkey food ideas I went through, but my little Emma LOVES Hot Dogs.  LOVES them!!  I knew I wanted to serve hot dogs at her party, but I didn’t want to just put hot dogs out on the table:)  So I decided to make a hot dog bar…and she FLIPPED!  Monkeys and hot dogs may not seem like the most logical of choices, but for my little monkey…it was a match made in monkey heaven!!

I turned our kitche counters into a “Monkey Bar” to serve up the hotdogs and ALL the fixins…


To make the Hot Dog Bar extra super awesome, I made signs with several famous hot dog recipes signs so all the party guests could try some of the country’s most popular hot dogs.  Some of the topping ideas were so yummy too…I don’t think I can go back to eating hot dogs without cucumbers again!!

food4 food3 food5

My absolute favorite, however, is the Cincinnati Chili Dog and of course serving Cincinnati Chili, it just didn’t seem right to leave out the Nacho Cheese and chips, so we threw in some Monkey Nachos too!!food6 food2

This idea was about as yummy as it was cute!

Wanna throw a Monkey Party?

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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. Lora Anne M says

    Cute party! How did you hang the streamers under the cabinets? Was there already a bar there you hung them on? Thanks!

    • Holly Lasha says

      The fabric and tulle strips were tied onto pvc pipe and hooked suspended underneath the cabinets. This is great because it can be easily reused and the colors can be swapped out super easily.

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