Monkey Party: Bean Bag Toss Tutorial

Monkey Party: Bean Bag Toss Tutorial.  Looking for a fun and unique activities for your little monkeys at your next monkey party? I’m sharing a Monkey Bean Bag Toss Tutorial today.  Be sure to check out rest of our Monkey Party Activities and Monkey Party Inspiration.  Also check out the whole Monkey Party!Bean Bag Toss

Let’s go bananas…I’m sharing a fun tutorial for a Monkey Party game today.

Having a monkey party and looking for ways to entertain your little menagerie?  How about a Banana Bean Bag Toss?  The bananas are super simple…the monkey face takes a little more skill, but can always be simplified to your particular crafting comfort level…


  • Felt, Yellow and Brown
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (or a needle for the old fashioned way!!)
  • Bean Bag Filler Plastic Pellets
  • Safety pins
  • Thin wood sheet or foam poster board
  • Construction or scrapbook paper (various colors)
  • Jig Saw (for wood) or knife (for foam board)
  • Glue

Cut the Yellow Felt into two identical banana shaped pieces, leaving about .5 inch extra around the shape on all sides. Sew around all but the tip of the banana.

IMG_1587 IMG_1588

Turn the felt inside out and press out the felt to shape.


Using the bean bag filler fill the banana to desired consistency.  Cut the brown felt into strips and wrap around end of the banana.  Be sure to cover all open sections of the yellow felt.  Secure with safety pins.  Sew around the edges of the brown felt making the nub of the banana.


With either wood or foam board, trace out the outline of the monkey face.  Cut the wood with a jigsaw or the foam board with a large knife around the head and the inside of the mouth.  Using the construction or scrapbook paper, cut out shapes to make the monkey face and bow. Glue to the board.GoBananas3

Enjoy hours of playing with your monkey face!!

Wanna throw a Monkey Party?

The Printable Monkey Party Collection is available in my shop:monkey display file

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