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In my house, Minnie Mouse has been elevated to princess status.  According to my daughter, Minnie is also a Disney Princess.  Seeing as she is the authority on Princesses now…I don’t argue.  Since Minnie is a princess, I guess she deserves her own party:) So when a good friend of mine contacted me recently with a special request for Minnie Mouse printable party decorations, how could I resist?  Of course, Minnie is a Diva.  Of course, she should have her pretty pink, zebra moment to shine!!!

My husband and I recently had a “What if the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse were a reality show?” conversation… (before we had kids we had much more normal conversations  like who would win in a fight, Darth Vader or Gandalf and played super intellectual games like “fat or pregnant”).  Nathan thinks that Minnie would basically be an idiot, you’re typical beautiful simpleton being controlled by her manipulative male counterpart.  I had to disagree though…Minnie would be the Miss Piggy type, gotta be the center of attention with poor Mickey along for the ride and trying to keep the peace.  Throw in the obviously jealous best friend (Daisy), the incompetent Goofy, and the rather conniving Donald Duck…and that would make for some good grown-up TV!!!  Kind of a Big Brother-esque show where you have all these people (i.e. talking animated animals) in a house recording this show and the clubhouse turns around and there are the sets with the dressing rooms and they walk off “camera” but the camera’s keep rolling…for gems like “Who wrote this script?  I am NOT saying ‘That was some great muffin tossing, Clarabelle” and “WHY is this show show called MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE?  I am clearly the star!!”…

OK so, maybe I need a life or at least a different channel…

I digress…I created a fun mix of hot pink, Zebra print and Minnie Mouse to make this funky, fun and VERY GIRLY Minnie Mouse Party.  Diva Minnie Mouse is the perfect party for any little Minnie fan:)  This party is also available in a Minnie/Mickey combo pack…eventually I will get some pictures posted on the combo too:)  This Minnie Mouse Printable Party Pack is customizable too:) This party is available in the shop.


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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

Hey Ya'll, I'm Holly. Thanks for stopping by my page. We are all family here, so grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and stay for awhile. I'm a crazy crafting momma with two beautiful little girls that I can't stop photographing. I love parties, french fries and Sci-fi (not necessarily in that order). If you like what you read, leave a comment and let me know or shoot me an email if you have any questions at holly@mimisdollhouse.com
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. miareisha says

    Hi,ireally wish u could help me with my baby shower i wanted the minnie mouse diva theme . If u could do the banner for a babay shower that would be wonderful.But please email if there’s a way you can help me!

  2. Whitney says

    I’m throwing my goddaughters 2nd bday party and I want to do the zebra and pink. But when I was looking up ideas I stumbled across the Minnie mouse and zebra which I love. How much are your invitations and cupcakes picks as well as bday banner? I’m planning for around 25-30 people.

  3. LaQuitta says

    im really interested in the minnie mouse zebra and pink decorations custom for my my daughter who is turning 3 need by the end of may so please email me if u can do it .

  4. says

    I’m interested in the Minnie mouse zebra print designs but I do not have a computer to print them off after paying is there another way I can get these designs maybe through mail?

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