Milk and Cookies Party: Creative Cakes for a Cookie Party

Milk and Cookies Party: Creative Cakes for a Cookie Party.  Throwing a milk and cookies party? Today I’m sharing some amazing cookie themed cakes perfect for a milk and cookies party.  Be sure to check out all of our milk and cookie party ideas and inspiration.

milk and cookie cake pic


I am in love with the adorableness of Milk and Cookies parties.  I mean first off…how easy a theme…tons of homemade cookies and you are set, right.  Second…it can have such a cute vintage feel.  Loving it!!!

With such a straightforward theme, it’s important to think a little outside the box…and what more outside of the box than CAKES for a COOKIE party.  I’ve got some fabulous cookie themed cakes to share today…check it out.

1. Milk and Cookies Cake from Sweet Bakes

So this cake is so stinking cute!  I think I am in LOVE with it.  I love the hand drawn details and the simple clean feel.  Perfection!!  The little hearts are too, too much.


2. Vintage Cookie Cake from Three Little Monkey’s Studios

This cake is also super adorable. I love the little cookies on top and the fun flags too!  Cute, cute!  I love simple ideas like this…especially if you can make it work with an inexpensive grocery store cake!!


3. Oreo Layer Cake from

This is a clever and inexpensive cake idea!!  What’s better than oreos anyway??  Also…bonus: the cake is already in individual servings…just don’t take one from the bottom;)


4. Cookie Layer Cake from Kelsey’s Essentials

This cake is adorable and super clever.  Cake meets cookie in an AWESOME way!  I also love that it doesn’t need to be frosted….cuz well, I’m a frosting spaz!


I have also compiled a Pinterest board full of Milk and Cookies Party inspiration.  Check it out.

Wanna throw a Milk and Cookies Party?

The Printable Milk and Cookies Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:milk cookies display file blue

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