Milk and Cookies Party: Aubrey’s Cookie Shop

Milk and Cookies Party: Aubrey’s Cookie Shop. Today I’m sharing this fun and girly Milk and Cookies Party I recently styled for my daughters.  Be sure to check out all of our Milk and Cookies party Ideas and inspiration.Milk and Cookies Party PIc

What’s sweeter than a milk and cookies party?  I love the simplistic yet still udder-ly (pun intended)  charming feel of milk and cookies.  It works perfectly for a vintage party and for this particular spread, I decided to go with a shabby chic feel.  Perfection.

Another awesome thing about a milk and cookies party is the fact that it is basically a guaranteed hit with the kids.  They go nuts for cookies.  And honestly, who can blame them?  Cookies are fantastic!!!

I set up this fun little playdate for my girls…check out the details:

IMG_7956 IMG_7969

The table skirt was made using this table skirt tutorial.  I added a sweet fabric banner to the table skirt to add a little color.IMG_8051 IMG_8055 IMG_8077

The cake was a cookie layer cake inspired by this cake.  Tutorial coming soon.  I backed the welcome sign with some patterned kraft paper and framed it for the table the girls used to eat their cookies.  It was the perfect alternative to the traditional uses of the welcome sign, like hanging it on the front door in a wreath.
IMG_8048 IMG_8121

Here is my sweet Aubrey.  She loves mugging it up for the camera!!
IMG_8129 IMG_8045 IMG_8027 IMG_8024

I filled the glass jars with ini chocolate chip cookies.  These are inexpensive and can be purchased from any local grocery store.  I also made homemade chocolate chip cookies and poked holes in them to insert the straw as a cute little milk bottle topper.  Another fun and inexpensive idea for a milk and cookies party is to use cleaned out frappuccino bottles instead of the more pricey milk bottles you can buy.  They are easy to use and just as cute!!!IMG_8032 IMG_8052 IMG_8107 IMG_8047 IMG_8080 IMG_8044 IMG_8084

My precious little Emma.  She’s a ham who loves the camera too!!

IMG_8038 IMG_8019 IMG_8097 IMG_7970 IMG_7977 IMG_8090 IMG_8007 IMG_8003 IMG_8023 IMG_8001 IMG_8104

I also used the mini chocoalte chip cookies to dress up the cupcakes!! Awesome-sauce!!IMG_8004 IMG_7961 IMG_7995 IMG_8057 IMG_8062 IMG_8087 IMG_7993 IMG_8015 IMG_7985 IMG_8094 IMG_7991 IMG_7990

All in all it was a blast.  Now I need a cookie and a glass of milk!!!

Wanna throw a Milk and Cookies Party?

The Printable Milk and Cookies Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:milk cookies display file pink


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