Mouskatreats: Mickey Mouse Food Ideas {PINTEREST}

Mickey Mouse is an iconic figure.  His ears are very distinctive and easily recognized by pretty much everybody, young and old.  They are also a super awesome addition to any party.  There is no end to the possibilities for capturing Mickey Mouse within the food you serve.  Most of these Mickey Mouse food ideas are pretty easy to make too (I mean the fact that his head is seriously only three circles gives even the most novice party thrower a little advantage).

You can make mickey ears with a variety of foods: Oreos, M&M’s, Hershey’s drops, sideways kisses, Rolo’s, peppermint patties…) If you are daring, fondant ears wouldn’t be that difficult either and of course chocolate covered ANYTHING!!

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters are pretty easy to come by as well and can help you make much more than just cookies.  For my 2 yr old’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday I used the Mickey Mouse cookie cutters to cut the watermelon and pineapple I served in the fruit tray which gave her “healthy snacks” a little pizzazz. You can also use a simple and inexpensive Mickey Mouse Candy Mold and some chocolate candy melts to make super cute mickey shaped lollipops.

Making Minnie Mouse is as simple as adding a bow to your Mickey.  You can use frosting, or fondant, sugar straws or candies to replicate the bow.  Let your imagination be your guide. Classic Minnie had a red bow or a red hat with a yellow flower which gives you some wiggle room.  Modern Minnie (aka Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie) uses the hot pink.  So many possibilities…

To help inspire your creativity, I have compiled a Pinterest Board of Mickey Mouse Food Ideas (or as I like to call them Mouskatreats).  Some of these ideas are truly  amazing!!! Take a look.  I would love to hear any ideas you have too…leave a comment or send me some pictures and I will add them to the blog!!

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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. Heather says

    Such cute ideas….do you have any ideas on what to call the food….we are having hot diggity dogs, toodles tea, goofys grapes, le-minnie-ade (lemonade), clarabelles cheese puffs, and plutos pretzels. trying to think of another meat to work in there…..any ideas?

    • Holly Lasha says

      What cute ideas! Sounds like a great party. I can’t think ofany other meats, but you can always add a “mouska”to any treat to give it a Mickey Mouse feel… You could also serve chips and calle them Chips and Dale:)


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