Lemonade Party: Tristyn’s Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Party: Tristyn’s Lemonade Stand.  Today I’m sharing a cute client Lemonade Party with a fun custom Lemonade Stand.  Be sure to check out all of our Lemonade Party Ideas.lemonade picTo quote my good friend Olaf (yes, after the like 100th time through Frozen, we are good friends!): “Oh! I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot!”

Yep, that’s true!  all good things…all good things!  I love summer time.  One of the best things about summer is yummy lemonade!  I love cool lemonade on a hot day.  It is one of my favorite summer experiences…especially by the pool!!!  Planning a whole party around lemonade….AWESOME!!  It is one of my favorite spring/summer party themes.

Today I’m sharing a sweet client styled Lemonade party.  This party was thrown by Ali for her daughter Tristyn’s first birthday.  Check it out…


This adorable lemonade stand was handmade by Ali and her dad.  Isn’t it adorable?  I love homemade lemonade stands.  The one we made for our Strawberry Lemonade party last year is still one of my favorite party props.  They are so rustic and original and I love the pink girly feel of this one too!image (5) cake image_2 (5)

The cake is definitely my favorite detail from this party!  GORGEOUS!!  I love awesome themed cakes, they add so much!!image_1 (2) fam pic

This sweet picture shows 5 generations celebrating together! What a special experience for little Tristyn!
image (2) image image_4

I love these cute mason jars too!  Adds a nice vintage feel to the party.  Also check out this cute little custom hat and the sweet high chair banner.  Cute, cute!!image_4 (3) image_3 (5) image_3 (3) image_3 (2) image_2

Here’s a cute pinata with the birthday girl’s nick name.  I love pinatas for parties…the kids always have a blast with them and there are so many creative ones too.image_2 (3)

image (3)Wanna throw a Lemonade Party?

The Printable Lemonade Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:lemonade display file


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Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
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