Christmas: Lukas’ Gingerbread Man Party

December birthdays…those of you that have them or, like me, have babies who have them understand that December birthdays are like no other.  First of all…Christmas/birthday presents kinda suck and are totally not fair and forgetting someones birthday altogether because it “is so close to Christmas”=LAME!!! Secondly…with the crazy party, busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season, throwing a birthday party in December presents its own set of unique challenges…

When it comes to planning a party in December, there are 3 general schools of thought:

#1 NO Christmas, winter, holiday theme at all.  These parents say: “Hey just because my kid is born in December doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Train, Princess, etc. party just like every other kid!!!”

#2 Wintery versions of regular party themes, or winter specific themes that are not Christmas. (This is where I have been for my little Emma’s parties, i.e. Sugar Plum Fairy and Penguin) These parents say: “While I’m not gonna do a “Christmas” party, I still love the wintery, holiday type feel of the season for my little one.”

#3 Embrace the holiday season and go all out with the Christmas theme. These parents say: “What the heck…we love Christmas and it’s December for crying out loud, Christmas Birthday all the way!”  The party I have to share with you today falls into this super fun category.

When Lukas’ mom contacted me about designing a Christmas themed birthday party…I fell in love with the idea. We brainstormed some different Christmas ideas and she decided a Gingerbread Man Party with Candy Canes was the perfect fit. In designing the printables, I used bright red and then some playful, lime and olive green with some maroon, brown and white accents to give it that traditional and rustic holiday feel.Here are some of Lukas’ Sweet Treats…Aren’t these Santa cupcakes adorable??? Clever Reindeer Refreshments for Santa’s helpers:) I’m totally a sucker for the holiday coke cans. Especially with striped straws and flags…too cute!Yummy chocolate covered strawberriesand gingerbread men…


Here’s an adorable shot of the birthday boy and his cake…Happy Birthday Lukas!!!! What a little cutie pie!!!

The Printable Gingerbread Man Party Package is available for purchase in my shop:

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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. Jacqui Odell says

    This is so cute! I have a birthday in Jan and November. This would be perfect for either one of them. Thanks for linking up to Party Time on Moms & Munchkins and we hope to see you next week.

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