Cinco de Mayo: FREE Cinco de Mayo Printables

Cinco de Mayo: FREE Cinco de Mayo Printables.  Throwing a party for Cinco de Mayo?  How about some FREE Cinco de Mayo Printables to get you started. Be sure to checkout all our Cinco de Mayo Ideas and Holiday Inspiration.cinco de mayo display file

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and I have put together a cute package of FREE Cinco de Mayo printables for you!  Now you can have una gran fiesta!!  I think I pretty much just exhausted the Spanish I remember from High School with that one. (Download link at the bottom of the post.)

Ok, that’s not completely true…I do still remember how to say “No número, Señora Hernandez” and “Yo no tengo la goma en la boca”(“No, number, Mrs. Hernandez” and “I do not have gum in my mouth”) because I basically spent all of Freshman year repeating those two phrases.  My Spanish teacher would call on us to read homework aloud. She would assign us numbers to read and call out the number…She’d say “número doce…número doce…ollyita (that was supposed to be my name…worst nickname ever…she said it was my “spanish name” but it totally means little pot???  ummm…okay?), numero doce?”  and I would say “no número Señora” and then she would get confused and do the number herself….worked like magic.  Sad, I know!!

And of course…I always got caught with gum…I think making teenagers not chew gum is terrible!!  Especially on taco day!!

Oh well…whether your Spanish is un poco, like mine or your fluent and fabulous…partying Fiesta style is always a good idea!!  In addition to the FREE Cinco de Mayo printables I have also rounded up some quick links to products to help you fiesta…

You can download the FREE Cinco de Mayo Printables here.

Be sure to checkout all our Cinco de Mayo Ideas and Holiday Inspiration. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


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    Hi Holly – I was going to download your free Cinco de Mayo printables for a fiesta I’m having but it looks like the Hightail link has expired? Anyway you could send me a new link to download the files?
    Thanks much!


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