Fourth of July: Patriotic Wreathes and Door Hangers

Fourth of July: Patriotic Wreathes and Door Hangers.  Let’s get ready for Fourth of July with some awesome Patriotic Wreathes and other decor ideas.  Be sure to also check out all of our Fourth of July Ideas and Inspiration.july 4th wreathes

Oh say can you see…that cute little Fourth of July Wreath on my door???  Cuz, it’s cute!!

Have I mentioned how much I love the Fourth of July?  I’m sure I have…it’s one of my favorite holidays.  Especially when you bust out the red, white and blue decor.  This year we are celebrating with a block party so my creative juices are flowing thinking of all the fun things to make!!  One of my favorites though is the all important door decor.  Nothing says “Welcome to the party” like a cute festive wreath, right?  Here are some of my wreath inspired posts.

Today,I have gathered up some of what I think are the best Patriotic Wreathes and Door Hangers for the Fourth of July.  Check it out!!

 1. Flag Canvas from Hallmark

Yeah, I love this…so intricate and unique. Also…I love that is it not a circle. Not all door hangers HAVE to be wreathes, y’all!


2. Clothespin Wreath by Miss Butterbean

Cute, clever and easy to do!  That is a winning combination.  I might have to make a few of these for my party!!


 3.  Fireworks Hanger from The Posh Pear

These are super cute.  I love the tule and wire wicks.  It really makes it look like they are on fire!! Adorable!


 4. Paper Cone Wreath from Down Home Inspiration

This is amazing too.  Paper Cone Wreathes are super fun because they look WAY more difficult than they really are.  This tutorial is awesome too. Check it out!!

paper cone


I have also put together a Pinterest Board of Patriotic Wreathes and other ideas!  Have fun crafting and being all patriotic!! Happy Fourth of July!!

Wanna throw a Fourth of July Party?

Download My FREE Printable Fourth of July Package.stars and stripes display file


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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. Sabrina says

    Hi I just want to say thank you for the July 4th Printables. I want to create a Texas Theme party using these printables. However, any ideas how to include the name “Texas” in the banner? Or any other ideas for this type of party? Thanks

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