Fireman Party: Romain’s Party is on Fire

I am constantly blown away by some of the super talented and creative ladies I have the pleasure of working with in this here crazy fun party biz.  One of my favorite things is seeing photos of parties styled using my printables.  Especially when they look THIS CUTE!!!  If you haven’t checkout That Cute Little Cake, you are seriously missing out on some awesomeness! Virginie, from That Cute Little Cake is uper creative and I LOVE her parties.  When she told me she wanted to use my Fireman Party Printables for her son Romain’s second birthday, I was over the moon.  I knew the spread would be adorable….and boy was it!  I’m super excited to share this party with you all today. This party is on FIRE!!!

vTN26DFikkHKCVPWP_On9Ny2OVhrwp88ZAF_Tf_cGbYIs that not the best fire backdrop EVER??  Here is a tutorial Virginie put together so you too can make an amazing Fireman party backdrop.

One of my favorite details are these clever little burining building favor boxes.  I love how she filled them with red and yellow jelly beans so you see the fire through the windows.  It’s all in the details!!  Also, you can barely make it out in the photo…but the 3/4″ stickers are on the water bottle lids too…seriously clever!

KWWb0MYEqD88wpk3KTX5fwOFi6nCcvAZgGa6uvHF98E 9Per7I2PPmcrli4ejIEwIMbZkd0junPJEY2WM_69BUw wogCPy53KzYH_fryeVxoqbiPHeMej0W3M5l3XNdAYqU

Virginie also made this adorable Firetruck Cake.  This cake was the inspiration for the party as it was a favorite of her son.  Too, too cute!y8x_n8X43t83YznMdZ_UqqLQii7cPol_R-EXAjk3U0g achWDD_uWfRbjcnsYUMNZKA_QcEOmSTvPwcm4K4zGj0 vs2xa87WWpDK2nz25nItnuPSz4baMiR594E8wL1Zsro

You have got to love that the fire cake pops are displayed on the burning building. Fabulous.  Virginie has also put together a turorial on how to make these super cute little fire themed party hats.aylTvdOvtVf8CQ9qhTHeO3lI9OHwJoiOotc-0Y1Jf7Q iqCNoyOqjIdThYy6wcJA-k8baZpY1W4g3qy7VgjFnX8 0c2zm34QywUPnXtfucR7ok68b7HikUBZPwqjWNEtnt0 KNiiZNN3W-4PcY-semCiLSXxrmdX6PaDxkAQZUu8DfI Ni3hYNWdRyQESL3mjrGhPa0sHUZaDkjQKAYe2aHfxEI d7UU5FzwFiL5n2qTHce2p3uWp6t1rGyvx_XegF9XlEM z3OYelQgaoUiEyVgnWeao9_PX7cWZ-3dOPfwIpde4lY qud26Z_usal5bQADItyG3j6sxFFaxKcHCtAHkBzkWWw yUKtrP2Obl1wFIA4_g1DmoPVFaO7Dsjp84D5xoL0w8A 4DV4kERhOuMNAPVPqjxPJcofqRbVBkaTWwS44BVsjfcThis Fireman party was also featured on Amy Atlas.  Happy Birthday Romain!!

Here are some great Fireman Party Ideas.


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Wanna throw a Fireman Party?

The Printable Firetruck Party Package is available in my shop:fireman display file


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