Elmo Party: Miley’s Pretty Pink Elmo Party

Elmo Party: Miley’s Pretty Pink Elmo Party.  Love Elmo?  Love Pink?  Today I am sharing a lovely Elmo Party styled by Sara Jade Weddings and Events. Be sure to check out all of our Sesame Street Party Ideas.Elmo Party Pic

Pretty Pink and Elmo…sounds like the perfect combination for a sweet little girl who loves Elmo.  This sweet party was styled by Sara Jade Weddings & Events using our Pink Elmo Printable Collection for little Miley’s 2nd birthday.Check out all the cute details…10710695_1571185059783311_6014414366895659888_n Here is what Sara Jade Weddings has to say about the event: “We had the pleasure in Styling Miley’s 2nd Birthday Party here in Melbourne.  Miley has a LOVE for Elmo, so coming up with a theme wasn’t hard at all! Incorporating a bright colour palette with subtle tones of pink made this theme a little girly & pretty!  This celebration was very close to Miley’s Mum & Dad as this was a family trip back home whilst living overseas and to share this special celebration with their family and friends.”10675788_1571185259783291_3231197919747608985_n 10696278_1571185646449919_8950952110902450272_n 10605991_1571185123116638_5362396842509951889_n

I love these adorable elmo cupcakes.  They are so cute…  I also love the cute pink and red polka dot take out boxes for the party favors.  Cute, cute.  10628123_1571185639783253_4538959004735100971_n 10801867_1571185689783248_8384115160255080999_n

Here is a clever way to use the water bottle labels…to dress up a box for display.  Awesome!!

Check out these pretty pink flowers too…love it.
10519505_1571185629783254_1914324125402065220_n 10635753_1571185359783281_4914478907443508127_n 10431685_1571185713116579_2456219928735625254_n 10391396_1571185369783280_8421967827386887948_n 10409263_1571184966449987_8024051373484159813_n 10421472_1571185516449932_8795899389249351855_nHere is the cute little birthday girl with her cake!  Happy Birthday Miley!!  Adorable.

10407896_1571185306449953_543085327304080627_n 10346538_1571185473116603_2460168964630158328_n 1560580_1571185273116623_5606770773403406486_n 10407897_1571185469783270_6673389826660118324_n 10396297_1571184993116651_2096175105559781846_n 1507630_1571185593116591_7549618541774258866_n 1601338_1571185399783277_8140867242914085111_n 1511203_1571185346449949_7571619660054609552_n 10384687_1571185446449939_4011076014515612850_n 10411985_1571185216449962_3135835844217987185_n 1377474_1571185429783274_7747799233983748020_n 1488660_1571184996449984_5670016204263281849_n 1902020_1571185506449933_3025228229006070106_n 10603633_1571185676449916_2226994559732124921_n 1508528_1571185416449942_6101306605352014006_n 1922445_1571185199783297_9221416256474269608_n 10502411_1571185139783303_6340511906632034157_n

What a lovely party!


Party Styling- Sara Jade Weddings & Events
Photography- Otis & Sunday
Elmo Cake- Ooga Ooga
Catering- Avoca Catering
Tulle Pom Pom’s- Pom Pom Princess
Tissue Garlands- Simply Sweet Soirees
Party Printables- Mimi’s Dollhouse 

Wanna throw an Elmo Party?

The Printable Elmo Party Collection is available in my shop in both girly and traditional primary colors:elmo display file elmo display file blue

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Holly Lasha
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