Sesame Street Party: Harper’s Pretty Elmo Party

Sesame Street Party: Harper’s Pretty Elmo Party. I’m sharing a fun and girly Elmo Party today. For more Elmo Party inspiration and party ideas, be sure to check out our other Sesame Street Party posts.

Elmo Party Pic

This adorable Elmo party is so sweet you’ll get a toothache!!  Harper’s 2nd birthday party was styled by her mom, Mckenzie from Girl Loves Glam and she did a fantastic job.  I love the simple details and the modern flair.  If you aren’t familiar with Girl Loves Glam, check her out on facebook and pinterest.   For little Harper’s big day, they decided to throw an Elmo Pajama Breakfast because Harper loves Elmo and hosting a breakfast party allows everybody to still have a full Saturday and still party.  Pretty clever I think!  Check out the fun details…

Zig Zag DIY Streamers

I love these easy paper zigzag streamers.  So cute and festive.  These would be very easy to make with colored copy paper.  Simply cut the paper into strips and cut slits into the strips on alternating sides almost to the edge. Then let hang.  Easy peasy.Personalized Elmo Decorations Elmo Cupcake Toppers

Muffins instead of the traditional cupcakes is a great alternative. Perfect for a breakfast party and much healthier…. They look so yummy too!  Here is a fun activity for the kiddos…how about a twist on pin the tail…pin the nose on Elmo.  Easy to make and loads of fun!!Pin the Nose on Elmo

Sesame Street Elmo Straw Flags Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Party Sesame Street Party Favors Elmo Happy Birthday Banner

This is my favorite detail of the party.  Take some simple tissue flowers and poms and add some big eyes by cutting circles out of construction paper.  Easy, simple and adorable characters!  Great job McKenzie.Elmo Party Decorations Elmo 2nd Birthday PartyHappy Birthday Harper! Looks like you had a great time!!

Here are a few helpful links for throwing an Elmo Party:

Wanna throw an Elmo Party?

The Printable Elmo Decorations Package is available for purchase in my shop:elmo display file blue



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