Easter: Carrot Party

Easter: Carrot Party.  Today I’m sharing a fun Easter Carrot Party. This is a great way to say Happy Easter.  Be sure to checkout all of our Easter Party Inspiration and Ideas.Carrot Party Pic

Holiday parties are oh so fun…but sometimes its easy to get into the traditional rut.  When I started brainstorming ideas for our Easter party…I definitely wanted to steer clear of the typical bunny motif.  I wanted something a little different (and definitely not pastel!!)  I started thinking about the cute little Easter bunny.  He hippity hops his way into your yard leaving behind his sweet little eggs all the while searching for something sweet to eat.  And what does Mr. Easter Bunny think is sweet?  Carrots of course!!

For this carrot themed Easter party I used bold orange dots and bright green stripes.  It was fun and perfect for a little grassy garden party.Check it out…

IMG_8265 IMG_8240 IMG_8247


To make the little buckets for the orange chocolate covered strawberries, I found little orange pails, put a small piece of floral foam in the bottom and used a piece of fake grass to make the top of the carrots.  We also served little shot glasses with ranch and veggie sticks for our little hungry bunnies to munch on.

IMG_8304 IMG_8232

I used Orange Shimmer Sixlets Candy and Green Candy Beads and Clear Gumball Tubes to make cute little carrot favor tubes.  These cute little marshmallow carrots were perfect on yummy snickerdoodles.
IMG_8218 IMG_8383 IMG_8214


The amazing carrot fondant from was perfect in the “dirt” (ok, chocloate) cupcakes, too.  I used scrapbook paper to make fun carrot shaped popcorn cones.

IMG_8225 IMG_8299 IMG_8325 IMG_8349 IMG_8220 IMG_8289 (2) IMG_8461 IMG_8255

And of course…some yummy carrot juice!!IMG_8260 IMG_8228 IMG_8287 IMG_8371

I wrapped our little palm trees in orange streamers for some jumbo carrots around the yard.IMG_8236 IMG_8252

Yummy carrot shaped cookies were a hit.  I also filled orange plastic wraps with gold fish crackers and rolled them up with a little green tissue paper for carrot treats…

IMG_8229 IMG_8292 IMG_8235 IMG_8245 IMG_8216 IMG_8213

Happy, Happy Easter!!

Vendor Credits:

Party Styling, Printable Paper Goods, and Photography: Mimi’s Dollhouse

Carrot Cupcake Toppers: Edible Details

Carrot Cookies: Sunshine Bakes

Gourmet Popcorn: Popped 

Wanna throw a Carrot Party?

The Printable Carrot Party Package is available for purchase in my shop in both Easter and Birthday versions:carrot birthday display

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