Dr. Seuss Party: Riot’s Thing 1 and Leighton’s Thing 2

Dr. Seuss Party: Riot’s Thing 1 and Leighton’s Thing 2.  I’m sharing a super cute Dr. Seuss Party today.  I love all the turquoise and red and white Thing 1 and Thing 2 fun!!  Be sure to check out our additional Dr. Seuss Party Ideas and Inspiration.Party Pic One fish, two fish, somebody has a birthday wish!  Isn’t this party too much cuteness?  This joint birthday party for Leighton and Riot was styled by Marcia from Tejano Traditions.  Love the cute details and the bright colors.  Thing 1 and 2 is one of my favorite double birthday party ideas.  Here’s what Marcia had to say about the party:

We did a thing 1 & 2 party and added a bit of other parts from the Dr. Seuss books too with our food…such as having green egg & ham….(which were ham sliders) Beezelnut Splash juice was red & blue Hawaiian punch, Cotton candy for thing 1 &2 hair, Goldfish for One fish Two fish, Hop on pop (popcorn) Blue jello and Swedish candy for red fish blue fish, and stink and stank pretzels, blue marshmallow pops, lollipops, bottled water, mint oreo cookies, veggie tray, fruit tray and of course chips and dips….

Game One … One fish Two fish Game where the kids grabbed a homemade fishing pole throwing into the deep blue sea where the red fish threw back candy…..
Game Two…. was to Hop on Pop so blow up your balloon up as fast as you can and begin sitting on top of it to be the first to pop your balloon. Our winner was Corey Gore and she got a huge lollipop for her quickness!
Game Three….was the Prop Stop….we had many props for your choosing and let us take your pictures

Check out all the cuteness…

Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0192 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0036 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0019 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0162 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0085 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0018 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0017 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0020 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0014 _MG_8541_0472 _MG_8595_0527 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0013 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0008 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0374 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0123 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0189 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0239 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0146 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0006 _MG_8644_0572 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0011 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0009 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0012 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0003 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0157 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0241 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0190 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0084 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0034 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0015 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0173 Leyton&Riot_Party2014_0016


Great job!!


Photography: Keli White

Party Styling/Custom wreath: Tejano Traditions

Printables: Mimi’s Dollhouse

Custom Outfiits: Nanny Flea’s Embroidery

Food: Amber Cumpian & Alex Clayton.

Wanna throw a Dr. Seuss party?

The Printable Thing 1 and 2 Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop.thing 1 and 2 display file

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Holly Lasha
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