Halloween: DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween: DIY Halloween Costumes.  Planning to make a custom Halloween Costume for your youngsters this Halloween?  Here are some awesome DIY Halloween Costumes and Tutorials.  Be sure to check out our other Halloween ideas and inspiration.

So if you are anything like me, you love coming up with fun, creative Halloween costumes for your kids.  Also, if you are like me…it’s gonna take you the next six weeks to pull it off!!  Not that I sew that slowly (although right now my sewing machine and I are in a fight over some curtains I was making for the living room), but every time I try to sit down and work on a costume something more important keeps coming up.  Poopy diapers, dinner, blogging, playing Candy Crush!!  You get the drift…DIY Costumes Pic

I have found some super, duper cute ideas for DIY Halloween costumes…

#1 Wild Thing Costume by Kathleen Phillips

Seriously cute, right?  I absolutely love the idea of creating costumes based on your child’s favorite book characters. It is a wonderful way to get creative and show off a little personality.  This is a totally adorable DIY costume.


#2 Shark Costume by Fiskars

This is a super easy and economical idea for a fun costume.  This is sure to be a hit with your pre-teen boys.  The best part about this costume, I think, is that it is subtle enough to be worn as a hoody outside of  Hallowen night as well.costumes_shark_model_1000_main_banner

#3 Animal Masks by Petit Poulou

I love these cute and versatile masks for both boys and girls.  These would be the perfect addition to a costume or even great just for playtime at home. e0d39309ee1308a1696ef719cd286029

#4 Penguin Costume by Make It and Love It

This is definitely one of my favorite costumes EVER….Love it.  My little penguin would FLIP for this outfit.  The best part…she also has tutorials for coodintaing Mary Poppins and Bert costumes.  Adorable.IMG_8189-537x670

I have also compiled a Pinterest Board full of awesome DIY Halloween Costumes and Tutorials.  Hope you enjoy and happy crafting!!


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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha


  1. Kathleen Phillips says

    Hi Holly,

    The Wild Thing costume is actually my creation :) Thanks for sharing it– I’m flattered! Can you give me credit instead of Costume Works? Thanks!

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