Cowgirl Party: Sheriff Chevy’s Wild West

Cowgirl Party: Sheriff Chevy’s Wild West.  Yee-haw!  Today I’m sharing a cute Wild West party styled by my sweet friend Lauren for her daughter’s birthday.  Check out all of our Wild West Party Ideas.Wild West PicHowdy Ya’ll…ready for a rootin’ tootin’ good time?  There is just something awesome about the Wild West.  So you may or may not be aware that we go to Disneyland a lot.  It’s true…we are Disney addicts.  One of my favorite places at Disneyland is Frontier Land.  In front of the Golden Horseshoe, they do this cute little show with a sheriff and an outlaw.  I basically love it.  I think it’s the nostalgia of it all.  It’s like fiction because it’s so different from our reality, but its still historical and real.  The geek in me loves that.

This wild west party styled by my friend and blog contributor, Lauren, for her sweet little girl Chevy reminds me of that nostalgia. It’s fun, its clever and I’m sharing it today…


The printables in this package have the “Sheriff” name added kind of like that cute new Disney show, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.  I love the feminine touches, like the lace, but still has a rough and tumble wild west feel.  Great for co-ed parties.  It can still be girly, yet totally appeal to boys at the same time!  Winning.
IMG_0043 IMG_9996 IMG_0114 IMG_0097 IMG_0124 IMG_9991 IMG_0004

These cute s’mores pops are great favors as well.  Love it.IMG_0011 IMG_0030The kiddos played with a lasso at the corral… and in the saloon.  Too cute!!

IMG_0008 IMG_0002 IMG_9990 IMG_9968 IMG_0010 IMG_0094 IMG_0117The paper bag covered drink containers are clever too…way to make something ordinary look totally themed!IMG_0099

Thanks for sharing your party with us, Lauren!  Happy Birthday Chevy!!!

Here are some helpful links for throwing a Wild West party:

Wanna throw a Wild West Party?

The Printable Wild West Collection is available for purchase in my shop:wild west display file

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