Construction Party: Can you dig it? Tyler is 4!

Construction Party: Can you dig it? Tyler is 4!  I’m sharing a cute creative Construction party today…with an adorable homemade cake!  Be sure to also check out our other Construction Party Ideas and Inspiration.Construction Party PicPlanning a birthday party for a little boy?  This is definitely one of my favorite themes fro little boys.  There are just so many cool things you can do with a construction party! It’s also one of those themes that you probably already have a bunch of stuff in your kid’s room that can work for decor.  Those are the best kinds of themes anyway. If your little one loves dump trucks enough to have a ton of toy dump trucks around the house…might as well use them in the decor right?  Honestly…those are the kind of extra little touches that makes your party AWESOME!


Here’s a great example of a party using toys in the display…

Pump jacks, Excavators, Windmills and More…Can you Dig It? Tyler is 4!…Today I’m sharing a cute Construction themed birthday party.  This party was styled by Melissa for her son Tyler’s 4th birthday. Check out all the cute party ideas… IMG_2439Isn’t this cake awesome…Melissa made it herself.  I wish I had mad baking skills…for real…. I also love these marshmallow paint brushes…too cute, right?
IMG_2453 IMG_2474 IMG_2461These caution side lollipops are super cute too, aren’t they!! They would also be adorable for a transportation party!!
IMG_2447 IMG_2472 IMG_2442 IMG_2458

See don’t you just love the little toy tonka trucks holding the food on this table.  It’s cute, themed, and free if they are already in your kid’s toy chest (or one your living room floor…no judgement here!)IMG_2518 IMG_2463 IMG_2451 IMG_2425 IMG_2621 IMG_2454 IMG_2408

Happy Birthday Tyler…cute, cute! Hope you had a great one…thanks for sharing it with us!

Wanna throw a Construction Party?

The Printable Construction Party Collection is available in my shop: construction display file

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