Christmas: Santa Party Crafts and Treats

Christmas: Santa Party Crafts and Treats.  Merry Christmas:)  Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa is making his way to the blog today. Looking to throw a Christmas or Holiday party? For more Holiday inspiration, please be sure to checkout all our Christmas and Winter Holiday posts.Santa pic

Cute Santa items are some of absolute favorite for Christmas.  I am a sucker for anything with that cute belt buckle added to it.  It just gives me the warm fuzzies all over.

I love Christmas time.  It is my absolute favorite time of year. I always try to make a point and wish everybody I see a Merry Christmas for the entire month of December…and I don’t care if it is politically correct at all.  (In all honesty, it not being politically correct makes me want to do it all the more.)  I also don’t care if you wish me a Happy Hanukkah in return.  I don’t  think any of us should shy away from being proud of our beliefs or the holidays that accompany them just because someone else may not celebrate it too. Just saying!!

And while good old St. Nick may not be the reason for the season, he sure is cute to decorate with!!!  So in honor of my favorite chubby gift giver, I have some awesome Santa Party crafts and treats to share…

Marshmallow Santas by House on Harrison

These are super cute and would be a huge hit with the little kiddos.  My girls absolutely LOVE marshmallows and could definitely handle the decorating (these would also make great teacher gifts!!)11e973dc3e866b287c52dc96eb85fd43

Santa Bellies by Mathilda’s Market

Ok, seriously…as if Baby Bell cheese wasn’t already cute enough!!  Now they are cuter!!!  This would be adorable on a party tray…b5185b02b3677c5a7e49625d95d4b94c

Santa Cookies by Sugarbelle

Feeling adventurous?  These amazing Santa cookies look almost too good to eat! Plus, bonus…the tutorial is step by step and easy to follow.  Winning.f4cf06f45ab452946ab8f50eec7a0155

Santa Ornaments by A Crafty B

I love these fun and easy Ornaments.  This would be a very kid friendly way to jazz up your Christmas tree!!!


I also have a Santa Themed Pinterest board full of Christmas Party crafts.  Be sure to swing by and check it out, oh and have a Merry Christmas, would you?! 

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Holly Lasha

Holly Lasha

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Holly Lasha
Holly Lasha

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