Christmas Cookie Party: Cookie Decorating Party

Christmas Cookie Party: Cookie Decorating Party.  Today I am sharing a cute little Christmas Cookie Decorating Birthday Party styled by Parties by Tiersha.  Be sure to check out all of our Christmas Party and Winter Birthday Party ideas and inspiration.Christmas Cookie Pic

So you know what is super fun??  Reliving Childhood memories through the eyes of your child.  This year has been especially fun for me in this regard.  With my oldest in Kindergarten and full to the brim with question upon question about how everything works and the meaning behind everything and my youngest now old enough to be really excited about every little Christmas thing that is thrown her way…we are having a blast with all the Christmas fun.

One of our favorite things to do is decorate cookies.  My girls LOVE to help in the kitchen.  They love baking…especially if it involves sprinkles (but really, who doesn’t??)  This is what makes the Christmas Cookie Party so fun to me.  A whole party dedicated to decorating cookies with your little ones.  LOVE IT.


This fun little Christmas Cookie Party was styled by Tiersha from Parties by Tiersha.  She used my Christmas Cookie printables and paired them up with some fun ideas for a festive holiday birthday celebration. This design is done with a fun chalkboard design and bright Chirstmas colors and makes a great Christmas-y Birthday Party.  It’s sure to be a hit with the kiddos!!
IMG_0932 IMG_0936

I think using the Christmas Cookie design for a cookie decorating party is such a great idea.  It also means you have a built in activity for your party…what is better than that??IMG_0961 IMG_0950 IMG_0977 IMG_0941 IMG_0934 IMG_0973

I love these little straw flags..aren’t they perfect on the candy cane striped straws!!  I love using the vintage milk bottles with water bottle wrappers are well.  So fun!!

IMG_0954What a fun party!!

Wanna throw a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party?

The Christmas Cookie Design is available for purchase in my shop:il_570xN.664318547_5l9e

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