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How to…Assemble and Use Centerpieces.  Need help figuring out how to assemble and use your Centerpieces?  This is the post for you!  Be sure to check out all of our How to… posts and party tips.  Also be sure to check out our paper recommendations and recommendations for punches.Centerpieces Pic

How to…Print your Centerpieces:

Printing…it’s basically the easiest part!!  All centerpieces print on size 8.5×11 paper.  I recommend matte or thick glossy photo paper, but card stock also works. Here is a link for detailed paper recommendations. Each centerpiece file comes with one centerpiece per page.  Most designs are round, but there are some pennant shaped centerpieces as well.  Centerpieces can be printed at home from any normal home printer.  Color variations may occur based on the printer, ink and paper combination you select.  I recommend always printing on your printer’s “best” or “photo” setting for highest quality and ensure that your printer has adequate ink.  Low ink levels can make colors appear dull.

If you do not want to print at home, files can be printed at any local print shop that prints PDF files. Places like OfficeMax, Staples, and FedEx are great options.) Printing options are also available here.


How to…Assemble your Centerpieces:

Assembly is super easy.  Once the files are printed, cut out the centerpieces along the edge of the design. You can then use hot glue the centerpieces to the top of lollipop sticks or straws or small doweks to be used in a vase or box arrangement.  Centerpieces also look great attached to the base of flower arrangements or centerpiece boxes.  Centerpieces can also be printed on adhesive paper to be used as a sticker.  Here are my adhesive paper recommendations. Easy Peasy.DSC_0005

How to…Use your Centerpieces:

Here’s where you can let your imagination run wild.  Where and how you use your Centerpieces in a variety of ways.  I love placing them in flower arrangements or even using as big fun cake toppers.

Here are a few examples of some different and creative displays…

Coloring DSC_0525

From our Monkey party, these centerpiece circles were backed with scrapbook paper flowers for a fun extra touch.  In the Circus party, the centerpiece was creatively displayed in two tins on the middle of the table.  Below, in the Spa party, the centerpieces made great soothing additions to the large candle vases.  19qud26Z_usal5bQADItyG3j6sxFFaxKcHCtAHkBzkWWwIMG_2180

Here is the Fireman Party, the centerpieces made great chair decorations…love it.  And lastly, we have the centerpieces on the lemonade dispenser at our Balloon Baby Shower.  So many ideas!!!

Be sure to check out all of our How to… posts and party tips.  Also be sure to check out our paper recommendations and recommendations for punches and our FAQ page if you have any questions!!

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