Christmas: Burlap Christmas Crafts

Christmas: Burlap Christmas Crafts.  Looking to decorate this Christmas with a vintage flair?  Check out these awesome Christmas Craft ideas using burlap.  Be sure to also check out all out Christmas ideas and inspiration.Burlap Christmas Crafts Pic

So…Vintage. Christmas. Burlap.

What’s not to love?  How much fun is a little shabby chic burlap mixed into your Holiday decor?  This year, I’m ALL about the burlap…I love the stuff.  Can’t get enough.  I knew I had to incorporate some into my Holiday decor this year.  So I found some fabulous burlap ideas…and I’m sharing!  ‘Cuz, sharing is caring:)

1. Burlap Christmas Trees from The Girl Creative

First up is this adorable Burlap wrapped tree.  I’m in love with this…it’s absolutely perfect!!  This tutorial is easy to follow and the result…well you can see how cute it is…7e03ce3c6e661e064dbe61c6ef7eda27

2. Painted Burlap Sign from Denise…on a whim

What’s better than a custom painted burlap sign.  Find a fun frame and a stencil and you have an easy DIY piece of art to hang this season. Winning!!

3. Burlap Ornaments from Bliss Bloom Blog

Oh yeah…they are cute!!  You know you want to try them.  I especially love how these can be used to hang on your tree or to fill a centerpiece and be absolutely fabulous either way!!a9f40fe259f445067bfc72f65e55ae3b

4. Twine Wrapped Christmas Tree from Vintage News Junkie

While a little more time consuming than some other tree craft ideas…This twine wrapped tree is adorable.  I love the idea of having various trees about your home and this one does not disappoint.   Adorable!!12-days-of-diy-christmas-trees


I have also created a fun pinterest board full of Burlap crafts and ideas for Christmas.  Check it out…

Wanna throw a Holiday Party?  Be sure to check out all our Christmas ideas and inspiration.  Also swing by the shop to check out our Christmas decor packages.

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