Baseball Party: Baseball Wreath Tutorial

Baseball Party: Baseball Wreath Tutorial.  Make a statement starting with your front door with this wreath.  Be sure to checkout the whole Baseball party. For more sports and baseball party inspiration, checkout our other sports party ideas and party posts.wreath tutorial
Check out this tutorial by Jenn Benedetti from The Benedetti Buzz

I wanted to create a unique way to welcome guests to my son’s recent baseball birthday party. For this birthday party, I thought a baseball wreath would look cool hanging on the door as guests arrived.

To start the wreath, I straightened out a metal coat hanger.
 I wanted the wreath to have more of a vintage look, so I picked up some used baseballs at Play It Again Sports. I used 11 baseballs for the wreath, which was a the perfect number for the length of the coat hanger and to make the wreath a nice circular shape.
The most labour intensive part of the project was drilling holes into the baseballs. For this part, I enlisted the help of my Dad. He had a vice that held the baseballs while we drilled holes through them. We used a 1/8′ drill bit so that the coat hanger would fit nicely through the holes.
I painted a wooden letter white and then added some red stripes to make it look like a baseball. Next, I tied some fishing line around the ‘B’ so I could hang it in the middle of the wreath.
I added some blue and red ribbon to the top of the wreath to finish it off.
I love the way this wreath set the tone and welcomed guests to our backyard baseball party! For other baseball party ideas be sure to check out my other posts: Baseball Birthday PartyVintage Coke BottlesChalk Board Score Board and Baseball Cupcake Stand.

Wanna throw a Baseball Party?

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Jenn Benedetti
Hello! I'm Jenn and I'm so happy to be stopping by from Benedetti Buzz to share this quick and easy Baseball Wreath! I'm a teacher, mom of 2 (soon to be 3!) who loves planning themed parties and crafting with my little ones!
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  1. Candace says

    THANK YOU! I am having a “wreath party” for my son’s team…all the moms are getting together to make a baseball craft, and I chose this wreath for us to make! I am no drilling expert so I searched online for advice about the drilling process…your tutorial is the ONLY one that gives a recommended size for the drill bit lol. Thanks to you, I will not have to guess and possibly ruin a ton of balls. Thanks so much!! Yours came out SUPER cute, by the way. :)

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