Back to School: Easy Lunch Box Ideas.  Need some quick and easy back to school lunch box treats for your youngster?  Be sure to also checkout all our Back to School ideas!

Before my daughter starting going to school, I had no idea how big of a deal “lunch” was. I mean, I guess I remember from way back in the day when I was in school the social hierarchy of lunch time.  And then I left school and grew up and forgot everything, typical mom, right?  As so many things in my life, my oldest daughter is here tell me everything I am missing:) lunch pic

Both of my girls are pretty good little eaters.  They love fruits and veggies.  They don’t turn up their noses to much…at least not when mom is sitting there watching.  Then little Miss A goes back to school and I find  un-eaten, un-opened food in her backpack at the end of the day. Things like PB&J…she LOVES PB&J!  Why uneaten?  It didn’t look cool.  Really?  She’s 4!

So the solution, I have found to the uneaten food…make it look cool.  If it’s “cool”’s eaten.  (Even when it has spinach on it!)

Here are some awesome and umm, cool back to school lunch ideas that will get your kids excited about eating their lunch!

#1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi Rolls by Bon Appetite.  Way to make simple PB&J fun and interesting.  This is a winner!  You can make it bite-sized, which cuts down on the mess and they are a hit with the kiddos.12604cc9c7d30758ff4c4a160fb52ac0

#2 Magic Message Bananas from Come Together Kids.  This is a super easy way to take a simple healthy treat and make it an adventure.  Who doesn’t want a secret coded message from mom in their munch box?  What a wonderful way to make your kids feel extra special!!!messagebananaswatermark

#3 Pizza Muffins by Lick the Bowl Good.  Ummm, yes please may I have another??  These are bited sized and yummy!  And soooo much less messy than regular pizza.  Winner,winner, chick dinner!Pepperoni Pizza Puffs 033  And of course, I set up a pinterest board full of back to school lunch box ideas.  Check it out and good luck making your lunch cool!!!



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