Baby Shower: DIY Cupcake Bar and Baby Sprinkle.  I love the idea of a Baby Sprinkle!  Especially if the Baby Sprinkle has ACTUAL Sprinkles! Take a look at this cute Sprinkle styled by Bridget from Bridgey Widgey.  It’s precious! For other Baby Showers styled by Bridget, check out this Garden Shower and Rock-a-bye Baby Shower.  Too cute, right?

So it used to be the case that once you had a baby…showers were no more.  (No I am not talking about ACTUAL showers, although some days with a new baby those are hard to manage too!  I mean Baby Showers…)  That is not the case anymore.  I really love the idea of a Baby Sprinkle, or small shower for a non-first time mommy.  A little way to say you care usually minus the gifts:) (I will always show up with a pack of diapers though…I don’t care how many kids you have, you ALWAYS need diapers!)  With gifts, without gifts…I say, go for it and celebrate your little bundle of joy, because they are definitely worth celebrating!!  You know that’s right!

Check out this cute idea for a Sprinkle.  A DIY Cupcake Bar.  I tell you,that Bridget is one clever lady!  This party also uses Mimi’s Dollhouse Bright Sprinkle Printables.

SPRINKLES OVERALL TABLEGorgeous, right?  I love the colors!  So bright and cheery…and oh so yummy looking.  Somebody bring me a cupcake, stat!
sprinkles straws sprinkles frosting sprinkles red sprinkles vanilla sprinkles chocolate IMG_0068 IMG_0066 sprinkles

Check out the tutorial for making these awesome sprinkle letters! Pretty stinking cool!
sprinkles process

The coolest thing about this idea, is that you only have to do half the work!!!  Bake the cupckaes and then let people frost them on their own!  Winning!!sprinkles time sprinkles drinksprinkles filling sprinkles party favor all sprinkles baby scaleThanks, for sharing this party with us, Bridget.

Here are some helpful links for throwing a DIY Cupake Bar or Baby Sprinkle:

Printable Bright Sprinkle Baby Shower Collection coming soon to the shop!!!